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NameInformation texts Unit 3 week 1
UnitNon-Fiction: information texts
File 1562_Year 3 Literacy plan- Unit 3 Information texts wk1.doc
File 2562_Friday - presentation of non fiction text.doc

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YEAR 3 LITERACY PLANNING Class 2 W/B 01/10/07: Fiction &non-fiction (Wk 1 of2)

PF:Unit 3- information texts.





Text workL/ob

Whole ClassActivity


Word/Sentence levelwork

L/ob Whole ClassActivity

Main Activity andL/ob

Independent/group/teacher focussed task, incskills and understanding





Spelling test




Literacy Assessment

Unit 1- Story settings.





Phonics ee

See, tree, wee, knee, three, sleep, keep, creep,bee



See, tree, keep, three

Have selection of fiction and non-fiction booksdisplayed at front of class. Ask chn to look at front cover andtitle and suggest whether the book is fiction or non-fiction.Discuss features of non-fiction texts and model sorting books withthe chns help (look at contents/ index/ chapters/content)


Establish definitions for fiction and nonfiction.

LO: What is a noun

LO: To understand the difference between fictionand non- fiction.

Sort sentences into fiction andnon-fiction


* Support (KF) Read sentences and as a groupdecide if they are fiction or non-fiction and stick into booksunder headings

LA: Read sentences and as a groupdecide if they are fiction or non-fiction and stick into booksunder headings

LMA: In pairs sort sentences underthe heading fiction and non-fiction explaining their choices toeach other

MA: sort sentences under theheading fiction and non-fiction independently

HA: As yellow group sortsentences then justify choices with a concluding sentence undereach column e.g. I know these sentences are non-fictionbecause



Noun activity sheets


Sentences to sort

Create a tick list for non fiction books. savefor reference later in week.



Made up by author

Illustrations drawn by artist

Beginning, middle & end




Factual information


Contents, index, glossary, headings &sub-headings



Phonics magic ea

Leap, leaf, sea, please, jeans, team, scream,peace, cream



Sea, pea, team, please


Asprevious day but chn have to explain how they sorted based on keyfeature list (plenary Tues)

LO: What is a Proper noun

LO: To identify key features of a non-fictiontext

Comprehension on book features.

e.g. whats on the front cover, whats thetitle, author, whats it about? How many pages.


Mixed ability groups: Working in pairs chn have 4 books(e.g. dictionary, non-fiction book, story book and comic) can theydecide which are fiction and which are non-fiction? Draw picture ofbook in their books and explain why it is fiction ornon-fiction.

Differentiate byoutcome.




Using checklist from previous day, can each pairpick a book, sort it and explain why.

Im going to put this in the non-fiction pilebecause



Phonics ie

Ibefore e except after c when the sound makes ee


Piece, achieve, grief, chief, brief, relief,thief, belief



Chief, thief, piece, achieve

LO: To be able to locate information in anon-fiction text.

Model finding information from a shared text.Demonstrate how to underline key information and present answers asfull sentences.

LO: To identify proper nouns

-identify proper nouns in non-fiction text.

LO: To locate information in a non-fictiontext.

Read Planet Earth text model how to identifyfact from opinion. Underline facts display differentiatedquestions.

* Support (KF) Group reading text (TA support)answer questions as a group modelled full sentences. Locateinformation as group.

LA: Group reading (TA support) answerquestions TA modelled full sentences. Locate information asgroup.

LMA: Group reading text (T support)answer questions as a group model full sentences. Locateinformation as group.

MA: Independent reading of text,complete questions using full sentences underline key informationin questions.

HA: Independent reading of text,complete inference and deduction questions using full sentences underline key information in questions.

Planet Earth info


Look at Green tables inference and deductionquestions and compose answers as a class.



Revision of weeks spellings





Model how to identify main points from piece ofnon-fiction text (highlight/ underline on IWB)

Work through the report paragraph by paragraphand mark main points for each section.

Summarise the key points and model how to turninto page from non- fiction text.

LO: To write proper nouns correctly

LO: To be able to present non-fictioninformation.

Taking Planet Earth text from previous day. Canthe chn present information as a page from a non-fiction book(including heading and diagrams) Model how to present as a page oftext. (remind chn about presentation guidelines)


* Support (KF) Cut and stick correct informationunder right headings in order to complete page

LA: Cut and stick correctinformation under right headings in order to completepage

LMA: Have titles given to them fillin information under correct headings as guided writingactivity

MA: Have titles given to them fill in information under correct headings -independently

HA: Read text and decide how itdivides into information bubbles independently



Planet Earth info.





Class gallery of chns work and comparedifferences and similarities.



LSA Focus andObjectives:


Cross Curricularlinks: Speaking andListening:

Speaking1a,b,c,d, 8a,b; Listening 2a,b,e 9a,b,c

Strand 1 Primaryframework: Develop and use specific vocabulary in differentcontexts.


Homework: ee spellings tosupport weekly focus.




Guided Reading &writing:

-      To blend phonemes toread CVC; To use a range ofdecoding strategies; To develop expression based on punctuation intext; To comment on characters and setting





Children notAchieving: