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NameReligion and the individual
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Maths weekly plan

R.E. Year5 Religion and the individual





Learning objective


Main activity




To consider themselves asindividuals and as part of a community





Who am I? What makes me,me?

Introduce the topic identity, our place in the world, responsibilities &commitments.


Feedback ideas and discuss.Do any of them put them as part of a group? Importance of belonging football team, scouts, school, village.

Discuss what is involvedwith joining that group ceremony? Clothing? What it means to bepart of it. What do people in the group do for each other? Anyonego the church regularly?


Pupils write down 5 thingsthat they consider most important in describing themselves.


Pupils choose a group theyare in / hobby that is important to their identity, draw clothingand write how it affects their life.

Recap main points allindividuals but also part of groups. Group / hobby is often part ofour identity. Discuss how it affects our lives.



To consider pupils ownresponsibilities and commitments





What are myresponsibilities and commitments?

Discuss my ownresponsibilities and commitments and ask pupils about their own at school, at home, any clubs how do they affect everyday life?Rules pupils have to follow. Why do we have them?







A3 paper & pen in groupsdiscuss & make notes what does responsibility & commitment mean?List examples.


Complete I am responsiblefor sheet p54 Folens.

Recap that we all haveresponsibilities and commitments and how they change over time.What would happen if we didnt.

Copies of I am responsiblefor sheets p54 Folens.


To consider their ownidentity & place in the world


Who am I? What makes me,me?

Recap so far. Introducespirited poetry. Show images world, many faces


Pupils write a poem I am.In neat & illustrate.


We will find out aboutother peoples identities in particular religious identities &what responsibilities go with that. Remember religion is only partof their identity.


Who am I powerpoint


To know the clothing andvisual labels of Sikhs.





How can I tell ifsomeone is Sikh?

Watch DVD Living as a sikh2.1 Turbans & 2.4 5 Ks.

Discuss and show images ofmembers of Sikh community 5Ks powerpoint.





Pupils draw images of 5 Ksand annotate to explain what they represent.





What does it mean to peopleto be wearing these things?

Importance of belonging toa group and showing that.

The 5 Ks powerpoint


To understand theimportance of a Gurdwara in a Sikhs life.



What role does aGurdwara have in a Sikhs life?

Watch DVD Living as a Sikh 1.3 Worship in the Gurdwara & 1.5 Langar











Stick in a picture of aGurdwara & write about what happens there.


The importance of having aplace to go where you feel you belong to a group.



To know about ceremoniesthat happen when people become a member of a Sikh community





What happens in the Sikhamrit ceremony? What commitments and responsibilities do Sikhshave?

Discuss joining groups.Ceremonies show the importance to people of joining.

ReadThe Khalsa p184 Tapestry of

tales.Watch DVD Living as a Sikh 2.2

Storyof Kalsa and 2.3 Amrit

Gothrough Powerpoint.


Discuss Sikh commitments: 5Ks. Dont smoke, drink, take drugs, eat meat, commit adultery, cuthair.

Read & discuss Sikh code ofconduct





Pupils stick in Sikh vowssheet & write underneath them what they are.


Stick in Sikh code ofconduct.

Complete sentences

It is important toalways work hard

It is important to behonest because

It is important to sharebecause

It is important torespect others because


Rules are importantbecause

Recap the commitments &effect on a persons life.

DVD Sikhism,amrit.


TheKhalsa p184

Tapestry of tales.


Poster 8

Copies of Sikh code ofconduct p54 Living religions.


Copies Sikh vows sheetStanley Thornes copymaster book p72.


To understand thesignificance of Christianity to the lives of Christians


Watch CDROM 9. Belongingand 1. Introduction. Discuss the impact of religion on peopleslives. What do Christians think is great about theirreligion?

Make class mind map onboard.





Pupils create mind mapabout Whats it like to be Christian during presentation.


Pupils imagine they arewriting and advert for Christianity either a script for a radioadvert or designing a poster.



Share ideas

RE:Quest CDROM Whats itlike to be a Christian 9. Belonging and 1. Introduction.


To know the clothing andvisual labels of Muslims.

To understand theimportance of a Mosque in a Muslims life.

How can I tell ifsomeone is Muslim? How do people become Muslim?

What role does a Mosquehave in a Muslims life?

Watch DVD Living as aMuslim 2 all.




Pupils label pictures ofMuslims clothing.

Stick in picture of amosque & write notes about what happens there around it.


Recap main points




To know about Muslimcommitments 5 pillars

What commitments andresponsibilities do Muslims have?

5 pillars powerpoint showrelevant artefacts & discuss. What are you doing at those 5 timesof day? Is there somewhere special you would like to go to? Howmuch should we give to charity? What would it be like not eatingduring daylight hours?





Pupils label & make noteson The five Pillars sheet.



Recap main points

Copies of The FivePillars sheet p69 Stanley Thornes copymaster book


Prayer mat, Quran etc resources box


To understanding personalmotivation for doing my bit

Watch CDROM Key teachingsof Jesus 7. Making a difference. Discuss how religion sometimesinspires people to do their bit recap Muslim donations.


Look at the RNLI website who we are RNLI people and RNLI courage.

Look at the Shorethingwebsite interviews and meet a crew member (archives).

Discuss what is involvedwith being a RNLI volunteer the different roles. Discuss risks &what people have to give up.






Pupils write at least 3thought bubbles Even though. I volunteer for the RNLIbecause

Share ideas

RE:Quest CDROM Keyteachings of Jesus 7. Making a difference.


Internet RNLI andshorething websites.


To understand personalmotivation for doing my bit


Jeremy Young caringfor the homeless

Discuss what it means to behomeless, causes and the impact on a persons life.

Read the press cuttingsabout the soup kitchen and day centre. Discuss who runs it & whatmay be involved with running it.


Read article about JeremyYoung.

Discuss why he & othersmight help commitment, belief and responsibility.

Read Matthew 25v31-40.


Consider other big issuesaround us.







3 thought bubbles I wantto help the homeless because


In groups pupils list otherbig issues in one column & what I could do to help next toit.

Share ideas.

Reinforce idea thatalthough problems can seem big if many people contribute changescan happen.

Special people Folensp46-7


To consider their own moralviewpoints


Discuss how peoplesreligion helps them to know how to live their life.

Watch CDROM Key teachingsof Jesus 2. Right and wrong.


Discuss what we do - how dowe make decisions? What beliefs we have about right and wrong andthe way we should lead our lives?

Jot down the moral rulesas we discuss. Any others?

Practice what youpreach.

Mean what yousay.

Do for others as youwould like them to do for you.

Always think Is thatfair?




Pupils decide on 1 or moremoral rules everyone should follow to have a good and happylife.

Create a poster on A4 anddecorate for a display.



Share work.

REQuest CDROM Keyteachings of Jesus 2. Right and wrong.