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NameEnglish Editing work
DescriptionA generic way of explicitly teaching editing skills. Can be used with any text.
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Once there was a girl

LO: To edit and enliven a piece ofwork.




You will have 20minutes to change this story into something more exciting.


You can:


     change thewords


     add bits


     include moredetail


at the end of your20 minutes you will swap your work with a friend and markeachothers.


You will do 3 starsand a wishremember to point out 3 really positive things and giveone target for future work.


Make sure you writethe date and LO in your book. Your sheet must be stuck in at theend of the session.



Once there was a girl. The girl was calledSarah. She was 11



years old. She has brown hair and greeneyes. She liked singing.



She likes dancing. She likes having fun withher friends. One



day she went to her friends house. It was aSaturday. She went



in the afternoon. They danced to her friendsCDs. They



pretended they were singing at a concert.That day they made a



performance andshowed it to her friends family. They clapped.



Her little brotherdanced with them. They had a fun time. The



next day they showedtheir friends at school the dance. Then



they taught them howto do the dance. By lunchtime 5 girls all



knew thedance.