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Thirsk Community Primary School - Medium Term Plan Band3

School - Medium Term Plan Band 3

Subject: History Unit: 6ARomans Term: Summer Year:


Programme of Study:


  1. Chronological understanding 1a 1bincluding using BC and AD
  2. Knowledge and understanding ofevents, people and changes 2a 2b 2c 2d
  3. Historical interpretation
  4. Historical enquiry
  5. 5 Organisation and communication 5a5b 5c
  6. Britain


Learning Objectives (Optional if QCAunit is attached)


Unit 6A - Why have people invadedand settled in Britain in the past?


Activities / Key QuestionsTime allocated: 9 Hours


  1. Why do people move away from wherethey are born? See QCA unit. Discuss terms invade and settle (IPg 2-3)
  2. Compare a Briton and Roman, who saidwhat sheets. What was Britain like? Why would the Romans want toinvade?
  3. Who were the Romans? What was theRoman Empire? (I Pg 4-5) Complete maps of empire.
  4. The invasions what happened (I Pg4-6) Why were the Roman armies stronger? Write reports on events.Study Roman army and formation into legions etc.
  5. Boudiccas revolt. See QCA unit plans(R Pg 7-10 and I Pg 6-10). Compare two versions of events. Discussdifferences.
  6. Study life under Roman rule overseveral weeks e.g Roman towns and homes, clothing, roads, Hadrianswall, language.
  7. Complete time line of events asassessment for unit.



ICT: Support research throughinternet


Resources: R= A sense of HistoryInvasions

I= Invaders The Romans CollinsBook


Assessment: Who said what? Canpupils know that an events can be interpreted in different waysLevel 3