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NameNarrative Year 4
Description7 Weeks based on The Butterfly Lion and Raiders
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English/Literacy Strategy:

English/Literacy Strategy:Reid Street School Medium Term Plan Year 4Autumn 1 2007


Phonics, Spelling & Vocabulary

Grammar &Punctuation

Comprehension andComposition



Continuous work:

Continuous work:

Continuous work:



Spelling revision & consolidation from Y3blending phonemes, segmenting, syllabic patterns, cues, HFWknowledge. (W1)

Identify mis-spelt words in own writing; tokeep individual lists (wordbooks) & learn to spell them(W2,3,4)

Handwriting (W15,16 & 17)

Torevise work on verbs from Y3 & to investigate verb tenses(S2)

Todevelop independent writing & to produce examples of extendedwriting every 2nd week. Respond to issues in a text,exploring alternative courses of action & evaluating the authorssolution (T12)

Fiction and Poetry: Historical stories & short novels;play scripts; poems based on common themes, e.g. space, school,animals, families, feelings viewpoints.

Non-fiction: A range of text-types from reports &articles in newspapers & magazines, etc.; instructions.


Blocked work

Blocked work

Blocked work

Titles and Source Books


Topractise new spellings by the look, say, cover, write, checkstrategy W4.

Identify syllabic patterns in words W1.

Revise vowels and consonants.

Identify the use of powerful verbs S3.

Toinvestigate how characters are built up from small details, & howthe reader responds to them T1

Toidentify the main characteristics of the key characters, drawing onthe text to justify views, & using the information to predictactions T2.

write character sketches, focusing on smalldetail to evoke sympathy or dislike T11

Write independently, linking own experiences tosituations in historical stories T12

Raiders! By Lynne Benton

GFW Unit 22

1 & 2


Torevise verbs as above S2

Tocontinue work on adverbs, understanding their function in sentences S4

Toexplore chronology in narrative writing T3

Toexplore narrative order T4

Touse different ways of planning stories T9

Toplan a story, identifying the stages of its telling T10

Touse paragraphs in story writing to organise & sequence thenarrative T15.

Narrative plot

The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo


GFW Unit 25

3 & 4


Toidentify adverbs & understand their functions in sentences throughidentifying, collecting & classifying.

Use adverbs with greater distinction in theirown writing S4

Toprepare, read & perform playscripts; compare organisation ofscripts with stories how are settings indicated, story lines madeclear? T5

Tochart the build up of a play scene T6

Towrite play scripts, e.g. using known stories as a base.


Play scripts, Traditional (fairy) tale, e.g. 3Little Pigs, red Riding Hood.


GFW Unit 23

5 & 6

Tospell irregular tense changes, e.g. go/went, can/could W8


Toread and spell correctly the words in the medium frequency wordlist W10


Touse 3rd and 4th place letters to locate andsequence words in alphabetical order W12


Toidentify the use of powerful verbs, e.g. hobbled instead of went,e.g. through cloze procedure GFW unit22 S3

Towrite character sketches, focusing on small details to evokesympathy or dislike T11

Toidentify the main characteristics of the key characters, drawing onthe text to justify views, and using the information to predictactions T2

Toinvestigate how characters and settings are built up from smalldetails, and how the reader responds to them T1

Narrative: Character and Setting

GFW unit 22


The Storm Primary National Strategy Smartfile.


Final Week left for Christmasactivities