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Scheme of Work

Scheme of Work forR.E. Year A YearGroups: 5 and 6 Date:

Potential learning outcomes /possible assessment focus.


  • To know and explore some creationmyths, - term Myth.
  • Know there are two Creationstories in Genesis compare and contrast.
  • Know that every human being iscreated in the image and likeness of God.
  • Know we are called to respect andcare for Gods family and the world.
  • Know that we have talents/creationgifts-to use in the service of others. Beatitudes.
  • St. Francis, canticle ofcreation-write own prayers. Reflect on using our gifts.

8th Sept.Our Feast Day Mass. Our Ladys Bithday.


Unit: Unit.A.Creation


Aims; To outline some keybeliefs about Creation and God the Creator. Reflect on gifts oftalents and living Christian lives.



Links with other units ofwork





Opportunities to explore /develop cross-curricular dimensions:

Environmental issues. Equalopportunities.


Vocabulary; Bible, Old Testament,Genesis, inspired, creation, image, likeness, canticle, beatitude,talents, dignity.




Chart for common featuresof



ICT capability.



Examples of tasks / activitiesinformed by Programmes of Study:

Organisation of children;differentiation [where appropriate]

      Children toexplore in groups some creation myths. Identify commonfeatures.

      Read and explorethe two creation myths in Genesis-compare and contrast thesetwo.

      Consider issuesassociated with image and likeness of God dignityprejudice.

      Children identifytheir own talents have to be used and develop ourgifts.

      Write a promise to use our gifts/talents to help someone.

      Highlight partsof the text of St. Francis canticle of Creation that praise Godfor the world he has made.

      Children tocreate their own version of the Canticle of Creation.

      Look at thequalities highlighted by the Beatitudes and write prayers askingGod to help

them usetheir talents.

Reflect in aliturgy the diversity of people and creation/God theCreator.



Particular resourcesneeded: