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NameNon Fiction Recounts
UnitNon Fiction - Recounts
DescriptionOne week's planning on Reports
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Unit: 2 Non Fiction Reports Spring Term 2008

Unit: 2 Non FictionReports Spring Term 2008

Date: Week beginning 7thJanuary 2008



Key LearningObjectives:

  • To revise the keyfeatures of recounts
  • To understand howconnectives are used.
  • To write a recount inthe form of a police report, using connectives, past tense andchronological order and including vital details.


Learning Outcome forunit: Pupils write an account of an event in the form of a policereport.



  • To revise the functionof a thesaurus
  • To understand thatusing appropriate synonyms can enhance the meaning of what iswritten and engage the reader more fully
  • To collect sets ofwords to identify shades of meanings.
  • Sentence work- topractise between between nouns and verbs



Shared learning andteaching






7th Janu


Lesson 1



Guided Reading Group 1


Work continuedfrom last term. Reminder of the police report we looked at lastterm. What do we usually find in recounts?


Read transcriptof an interview between a police officer and two witnesses.Lookingfor answers to who, what, when and where.

Children identifyand record four key points:

  1. Whathappened?
  2. Who didit?
  3. When did ithappen?
  4. Where did ithappen?

As a classcompare findings.

Children able toidentify some key points in a transcript of an interview.



8th January





Guided Reading Group 2 and3


Re read interviewtranscript. Recap who, what, when and where.


Ask children touse white boards to record ideas for an introductory sentence for areport.


Which openingwould you want to use for your recount?

Remind childrenof the meaning of the term connectives and their use.



Children make alist of all the connectives used in the police report.



Children re-readinterview transcript, identify main events and list them in orderthey happened.

Compare mainevents

Children able tofind main events.


Find connectivesand understand how they are used.




9th January





Revise mainfeatures of a recount.


Demonstrate howto write the introductory paragraphs of a police report based onthe interview transcript.

Children use laptops to write a recount on the account of the policeinterview.

Children sharesections of their final report.

Children able towrite a recount.



10th January





Guided ReadingGroup 4

New spellingsgiven.

Group 1

Small, little,darkness, dimness, walk, stroll, across, aeroplane, almost.

Group 2

Darkness dimness,difficult, ardous, stumbled, trudged, above, aeroplane,almost.

Synonyms/ActivitySheet 6


Using a thesaurusto find as many words as the children can find for words given.(See lesson Plan Barking and Dagenham)


Sentence workdifferentiated


Agreement Uni 1Letts Sentence 4, 5



Discuss synonymsfound









What have weleant about agreement between nouns and verbs?

Children able to use thesaurus tofind words.






Children show through work donethat they understand noun verb agreement.