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NameRE The Story of Joseph
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Sudley Junior school


(To includedifferentiation)


(To includedifferentiation)

Lesson 1: Josephand his Brothers

Objectives forLesson 1-6:


Level 3 AT l &2

To be able to recallthe sacred writings about Joseph and his brothers and offerexplanations about dreams

To know theChristian story is told today as musical


Level 4 AT 1 &2

Show knowledge &understanding about Joseph and his life and offer some explanationfor his dreams

Know this famousstory is still known today through a well known musical.


End of unit testobjectives will be a selection of above














Lesson 1:Introduction to the story of Joseph

Explain to thechildren that over the next few weeks they will learn about Josephand his life.

Ask the children ifthey have seen the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Identify whatthey already know of the story

Activity: Childrento watch the story of Joseph on DVD

(See The GreatFather book Learning About Religion)


Lesson 2: JosephsDreams

Read the beginningof the story of Joseph and his brothers and discuss why thebrothers disliked him - do they believe they had reason to feelupset?

Do any of thechildren who have siblings ever felt they were treated differentlyon occasions?

Discuss whether ourbehaviour affects how others treat us?

How would they liketo be treated?

What was the bestgift they have ever received from anyone?

What was itfor?

What is the bestgift they have ever given and who was it for?

Activity: Childrento write a diary account of Josephs day

Children to draw aposter about treating others equally.


Lesson 3: Josephthe slave / Pharaohs Dreams

The children willhear the story about Joseph in prison and when he was freed.

Discuss meanings ofdreams.

Listen to MartinLuther Kings Dream Speech

Activity: Childrento discuss and write about their strangest dream.

Children to design aposter to advertise a dream world


Lesson 4 Joseph theminister

The children willhear the story about Joseph's brothers in Egypt and theirreturn.

Task: Children tohot seat the character of Joseph and ask searching questions toidentify his motivation for treating his brothers the way hedid.


Activity 1:Childrento make dream catchers

Activity 2: Childrento improvise returning home to explain to Jacob what had happenedand Josephs request for Benjamin


Lesson 5 Benjaminand the Silver Cup

Children to listento the story where the brothers return to Egypt for a final timeand the cup is placed in Benjamins sack.

Activity: Consciencealley Discuss why Joseph treats his brothers this way whydoesnt he just tell them who he is from the start so they can bereconciled?

Children toimprovise the scene where Jacob returns to Egypt with all of hissons and meets the estranged Joseph

Activity:children to writeown name in hieroglyphs in a cartouche and draw and paint Josephpicture on papyrus


Lesson 6 End ofUnit Test

The children willrevisit the full story of Joseph and answer questions on the unitto assess their understanding of the objectives.

Activity: Childrento write a story board / folded book to show the key moments of thestory of Joseph