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Nameyear 5 numeracy week 1
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Weekly Planning Sheet for Numeracy: ___/___/___

Weekly PlanningSheet for Numeracy: 08.09.08 Teacher: Miss B Topic: Unit 1 YR5/6 Mixed ability

Year 5objectives



Main Activity /Group Work





Key vocab.










Yr5Explain what each digit represents in whole numbers

Write large digit onboard, chn to read no aloud. Ask questions related to value of eachdigit. What would a 100 more/less be etc. Expand no and discussvalue. Chn to record value of digits in words

Digits, placevalue

Explainwhat each digit represents in whole numbers


Toorder nos on a numberline

Continue from mental/oral write /share 4/5 digit nos with chn who have to write downnumber read out on w/b. Include nos with 0 so chn must take care.Eg 3006 . Continue with 10 nos. Continue with place value writingheading on w/b. Ask individuals to show where nos are place underheadings. HTh,TTh,Th,h,T,U. Next break nos down into values. 369=300+60+9. Continue with other nos.

Discuss ordering setsof nos. What do we look at first?

List nos on board chnto order on w/b

Chn to completeselection of nos in books showing value of each digit.

TA Using W/s chn towrite down value of digit underlined. Jackpot digits

Ext chn to add 4000to nos,30000 to nos, take 200 from nos, take 100000 from eachno

TE working withHA

As main partitioningnos but chn to use nos with greater value. Chn to add differentamounts to nos mentally and record answer on w/b. How did the chnwork it out?





Yr 6 To use decimalnotation for tenths and extend to , hundredths

Write range ofdecimals (1/2 places on board) Chn read aloud and dicuss value ofeach. Link to money.


To round nos to thenearest 10,100,1000

Discuss rules forrounding nos to the nearest 10,100, 1000. Write examples on theboard chn to complete giving reasons for decision. Discuss anymisconceptions

Write decimal (2places) on board round to nearest whole number

Working with TA chnto round 2 digit nos to nearest 10

Working with TE chnto round to nearest 10.100. Ext Can the chn approx answer to sumsby first rounding to nearest 10 then add together?

Chn to round to10,100,1000

Chn to approx answersto questions by rounding first then approx answer






Yr 5Count from any given number in whole-number, extending

beyondzero when counting backwards; relate the numbers to their positionon a number line

Give chn1,10,100,1000 cards and starting at diff nos chn to count indifferent steps eg 456 count on in 100s. Include negative nos andcrossing 10,100,1000 boundaries

Value, digit, decimalpoint, tenth, hundredth

To order decimals ona number line using the value of each digit for support.

Discuss value of noto 1 decimal place. Repeat until chn are confident. Discuss thevalue of each digit in 63.47. Discuss how no is read aloud. Expandno on wb. Repeat with 46.05 and discuss value of each digit. Writeselection of decimals (2 decimal places on W/B. How can we ordernumbers using a numberline?

Write 14.99 , 7.01,13.9. Chn to expand no. Using the same nos ask chn what is onetenth more, one hundred more/less then each no.

Chn to partitionwhole numbers

23 = 20 + 3

Repeat for othernos.

See w/s

TA Support

Using Wb Ta to say noand chn to write down value of each digit expanded form (2 decimalplaces)

Chn to order nos on anumberline.

TE support

Chn to order aselection of numbers on a numberline.

Ext Chn to draw anumberline from 2.9 to 3.0 with 20 divisions. Chn to to place nos2.95, 2.99, 2.91, 2.925, 2.94 on numberline







Find the differencebetween a positive and a negative integer or two negativeintegers

Using counting stickcount using positive/negative nos. Chn to find the differencebetween both nos. ask ques What is 5 more then negative 2etc

Extend, steps

To extend a numbersequence

Number sequencesWrite a number sequence on the w/b involving numbers and shapes usex of 3. What nos will come up in certain shapes? Which number willcome in the next circle? What shape will have no 42 in? What shapewill 60 come in? What will the 20th shape be? Encouragechn if necessary to make jottings on w/b to support reasoning.Describe sequence to the class. How did we find the missingnumbers? Repeat for other sequences. Encourage chn to createsequence on w/b and others to fill in missing nos.

What no sequence canthey create that includes the number

-5? Share differencesequences with chn explaining how to find the missing nos.

Ta support







Chn working withteacher chn to repeat activity as whole class shared but numbersequence to include decimals






Mental mathstest


Positive, negative,order, finding the difference, approx

To find thedifference between negative and positive nos

Working with positiveand negative nos. All chn to have -10 to 10 numbers in front ofthem. Chn to put nos in front of them. Where have they seen nosbefore? Using their no line chn to find the difference between 2nos. Use temperature ITP to illustrate difference in nos on largeno line showing all nos. Ask ques related to finding thedifference. There was a rise in temperature by 6 degrees, what isthe new temperature if it was -2? Repeat for othertemperatures/questions.

Discuss anymisconceptions


Using a no line findthe difference between 2 nos


To find thedifference between negative and positive nos


To find thedifference in temperature