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Year 4

Year6 Symbols and religiousexpression



Useful website aboutChristian symbols:







Week 1


Tounderstand the use of symbols in representing ideas and their usein creating identity


Stick in title.


IWB powerpoint logo images. Discuss what theyrepresent. Simple & easily recognisable. Use of colour.


Share pupils logos and discuss.




Think about what is most important about you how can that be represented in a symbol? Design a simple and easilyrecognisable symbol for you. Write a paragraph explaining what youchose and why.

IWB logos powerpoint


Week 2


Toknow the symbols for the major religions




Many groups including religions have symbols torepresent them. These symbols often have some significance to thebeliefs of that religion. Can they match the symbol andreligion?

Why is a cross strongly associated withChristianity?

Dharma wheel - Buddhism

Aum Hindu

Star of David Jewish

Star & Crescent Islam

Khanda Sikhism



Draw the symbols.


Label and discuss what pupils know about thesymbols and what they represent.

Pupils add info around images.



Copies of symbols to copy P85 Folens / p60Stanley Thornes


Powerpoint religious symbols meanings.

Week 3


Tounderstand the use of words in religious symbolism through similesand metaphors


Toknow some Christian names for God


Discuss similes and metaphors.




Nicknames?! There are many names that Christianshave given God.





Groups come up with similes / metaphors forangry / happy / sad / lonely / scared.


Ingroups discuss what the name rock / father / shepherd / shield /king / creator / potter / judge might mean.

Share ideas as a class.


Draw image for their symbol & explain it.


Names on cards

Week 4


Tounderstand Hindu and Islamic beliefs about God and how these areexpressed through symbolic names.











All of us have different sides to us brother /sister, son / daughter, pupil, friend, sports person, artistetc.


Compare Christian beliefs about god with Islam 99 names for Allah The creator, source of peace, the loving, theall-forgiving, the guide, the protecting friend.


Hindu god has many roles and Hindus havedifferent images to represent this (Lakshmi goddess of wealth,Ganesh luck, Vishnu preserver, Shiva destroyer, Brahma creator)


Hindu & Islamic beliefs about God

Iam one person with many characteristics list some &illustrate.



Show DVD Islam

AS2 Pathways of belief - Names for Allah (bottompart only)




AS1 p9 Living Religions Hinduism colour &label images.



AS2 Pathways of belief - Names for Allah (bottompart only)


AS1 p9 Living Religions Hinduism

Week 5


Tounderstand Christian, Hindu and Islamic beliefs about God and howthese are expressed.



Recap what we have learnt so far about thedifferent beliefs and names for God and discuss the images thesecreate.

Introduce spirited arts.



Pupils select a name to create some art workabout. Use collage & paint to create image. ***awareness of Islamiclimitations***


Week 6


Tounderstand Christian, Hindu and Islamic beliefs about God and howthese are expressed.





Complete artwork.


Write a brief explanation of their picture. Mostuse sheet with sentences to complete, higher level write ownideas.



Week 7


Toknow the story of Rama and Sita and consider how good and evil areportrayed







Tell the story of Rama and Sita. A story aboutVishnu (preserver) and his wife Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) inhuman form.

Discuss other examples when good conquers evil.Are there good guys in our stories that inspire us?





Pupils create a table with 2 columns good andevil. In it they write / draw good and evil from Rama & Sita andthen add to it other good and evil characters / symbols they know(wolf & red riding hood, devil & God etc)





Rama and Sita story Page 102 A tapestry oftales



Week 8


Tounderstand the significance of Light to Hindus and how this iscelebrated during Diwali



Watch DVD Hinduism 2 Diwali. And / orEspresso clip.

Gothrough Diwali powerpoint.

Compare to how we celebrate new year.


Light a candle / diva.

Discuss the feeling when looking at thelight.

What light do we have around us. When do we needlight? How do we feel when it is dark? Explain use of light inreligion as helping people see the way what to do in their lives.Explain light = Jesus in Christianity.










Write at least 5 words that darkness makes youthink of.

Draw a lit diva & write at least 5 words aroundit that describe how it makes you feel.


Espresso Diwali video clip.

Hindu DVD


Diva from resources box

Candle & lighter/matches


Powerpoint Diwali.



Week 9


Tounderstand the significance of symbols related to the story ofNoahs ark


There are many other symbols within religionsthat have significance. They help remind people of events or how toact.

Tell the story of Noahs Ark. Discuss what thedove, rainbow, ark and olive branch represent


Tell them that many religious stories havesymbols in them to get their meaning across find out











Draw an ark, rainbow, dove and olive branch onone side write what they mean to me on other write the significancein the story.


Version of Noahs ark

Week 10


Tounderstand how art can be used in the expression of religiousbeliefs.





Islam Discuss how images are not acceptable to manyMuslims. Instead shapes and patterns and calligraphy are used important words about their beliefs. Look at prayer mats.

The architecture of mosques.


Look at a variety of Hindu and Christian(not Christmas next week) images and discuss how they makeyou feel. How do you think the artist felt? How are images used toteach religious beliefs, instil moral values or inspirepassion?







Provide a selection of Islamic designs to copy /trace / colour.




Powerpoint religious art

Prayer mat resource box

Jesus Through Art book

Other posters


Copies of Islamic designs from Islamic designsbook.

Week 11


Tounderstand the significance of Christmas to Christians and howChristians express their beliefs at this time of year.


Discuss what Christmas means to them. What doesit mean to Christians.

Christmas story CDROM Nativity.


Look at Nativity pictures powerpoint discusshalos, light.






Pupils draw an image from the Christmas storyusing Christian art features light & halos.


RE:Quest Celebrations CD 1. Nativity.

The Christmas story p51 A tapestry ofTales.

Jesus in art

Week 12


Tounderstand how images on Christmas cards can express amessage






What does Christmas mean to you?

Show CDROM Christmas

Discuss how and why Christmas is celebrated byChristians. Advent, midnight mass, christingles, carols, nativity,epiphany, trees, cards.

Compare Christian ideas of Christmas and theirown.


Feedback which images stood out and thefeelings they evoked. Discuss how there are many images that arenot related to Jesus. Recap light & candles Diwali.








Ingroups pupils look at some Christmas cards and discuss thesignificance of the images. How do they make you feel? Which areyour favourite and why? Sort into groups Christian /non-Christian.



Pupils design Christmas decorations that expresspeace and goodwill. Stained glass effect using tracing paper & felttips. Mount in a black card frame.



RE:Quest Celebrations CD 2. Christmas.


Lots of Christmas cards (resource box).


Tracing paper, black card, felttips.