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Sex & RelationshipEducation

Year 5 & 6





Open forum

  • Set ground rules.
  • Give out slips of paperand children write questions they want answered by the end of theunit.
  • Discuss what the unit willcover.
  • Write down all the wordsthey know associated with sex and relationship education-get overthe funny side!


Body Parts

  • Poster with female andmale and both up in room.
  • Give groups a variety ofmale and female parts.
  • Children discuss and puton the correct poster.
  • Label female and male bodyparts on diagrams.



  • What do we already knowabout puberty?
  • Discuss physical changesin both male and female body during this time. Why go through thesechanges?
  • Discuss emotionalchanges.
  • Stick on venn diagramchanges that are male/female/both.



  • Give out problem pages.Children discuss in pairs and write replies. Read some out.
  • Watch growing up andchanges programmes on Living and growing Channel 4DVD.


Single Sex sessions

  • Girls-discuss puberty forgirls in more details.
  • How to manageperiods/menstruation Unit 3-Activity sheet 2
  • Health and safety withperiods.
  • In small groups give outmenstruation/wet dream cards. Read out and discusstrue/false/depends


  • Boys-discuss puberty forboys in more details. What to do if they have one etc.


  • In small groups give outmenstruation/wet dream cards. Read out and discusstrue/false/depends



  • Watch Girl talk and Boytalk Programmes from Channel 4 DVD Living and Growing.
  • Answer anyquestions.


What does it mean to be aboy/girl?

  • Pat vs Pat worksheet.Discuss stereotypes presented by media.
  • Boys v girls worksheet anddiscuss as class what it means to be a boy or a girl.
  • Complete whole classposter of whats good/bad about being a girl/boy.



  • What is love? Childrencomplete the sentence. Discuss whole class/groups.
  • Discuss marriage-what itis, why people get married. Use worksheet Love and marriage.Children underline the reasons in the sentences they think areappropriate for getting married and discuss.


Sexual Relationships

  • Pin up labels in 4 cornersof the room. Female, male, both, unsure. Give out word cards egpubic hair, nipples, elbows, head, breasts, penis, ovaries,testicles etc. Groups discuss and place on label.
  • Label male/ femalereproductive body parts together on the IWB.
  • Watch How babies aremade unit 2.
  • Discuss video and how itreinforced our learning on relationships.
  • Briefly review the sectionon sexual intercourse by asking the children if they know any otherwords ie making love. Why would it be be called that?
  • Give out cards sayingAfter the video I want to know.. to complete. Explain thathopefully by the end of the unit questions will beanswered.


Conception andPregnancy

      Give out cards Conception and pregnancy topairs. Ask them to try and put them in the correct order. Groupslook at each others and discuss together conception.

      Complete the conception and pregnancyquiz.


Being a parent

  • How does it feel when anew baby is born?
  • What new jobs are there todo? Who looks after it?
  • What difficulties maypeople face?
  • Ask Elly to come in anddiscuss new babies with the class.