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NameStories from Other Cultures
DescriptionWk 2 + 3
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KS2 Literacy Plan A

Literacy Plan ~ Year


Year 3+4+5Unit 3 Stories from other culturesGenre:FictionPhase





Journey toJoburg by Beverley Naidoo


Y4 InteractiveLiteracy Multimedia Texts for Whole class Teaching Ginn (Term 3unit 14 Text 24)



  Begin to readanother story, for example from a different culture but with asimilar theme. Pause at a key point in the story and discusschildren's predictions about how the main characters will act. Dothey think that the setting has an effect on their actions? Wouldthey act in the same way?

  Noteideas in a journal. Demonstrate how to use evidence from the textto support a point of view.


Buildingassessment into teaching:


Are chn able todemonstrate evidence from the text to support a point ofview?

Can chn predicthow Naledi will act?

Chn demonstrateunderstanding of the culture through their selected journeyobjects.

Can chn usedescriptive language to describe setting?






Text, Word &Sentence Level




Independent & grouptasks:







Identifydescriptive words

Play Africanmusic to set the scene and atmosphere. Explain to chn they willlisten to a story extract. Ask them to listen for characters and atthe end of reading with their talking partner be able to give acharacter and 1 fact.

Display Journeyto JoBerg using interactive literacy text. Look at text. Invitechn to share where they found their character fact.

Where you thinkmost appropriate.

Highlightdescriptive words and phrases in the text.


LA Adultsupport to read the text.

MA Adjectivesand verbs

HA Distinguishbetween verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Start a word wallon Naledi and Tiro. Give chn a postit to write a descriptive wordand then add to display.






To be able tofeel empathy towards Naledi dilemma

Read on to theend of the extract. What have chn learned about the characters andtheir situation. Look at character picture of Naledi Identify thedilemma that faces Naledi, and the decision she takes and herreasons. Class discussion use conscience ally to consider reasonsto stay in the village and reasons to leave for JoBerg.



Where you thinkmost appropriate.

Give chn blankcopy of reasons for and against and ask them to sort into 2columns.


LA - adultaided


MA Independent


HA Give copy oftext and ask them to refer to it to explain reasons for and againstgoing to JoBerg

* highlight fromtext p.g. 12 + 13

Hot seat Nalediabout her decision.


What would youdo?

Read p.g. 13The children went to find Naledis friend.. to p.g. 14




To understand theimmensity of the journey undertaken.

Ask chn to saybriefly where they think this story is set and why? Encourage themto indentify specific clues. Point out that is a real place:Johannesburg . Use espresso to show geography- distance. In pairsask chn to find South Africa and Joberg. If appropriate ask chnto use scale to say where the village could be.

Would you liketo travel that far on your own?

Where you thinkmost appropriate.

Youre going on along trip. What would you take with you and why?

LA Bullet pointobjects and reasons

MA Bulletpoints objects and reasons

HA Write aparagraph explaining their choices.

Share objects anddiscuss whether they are relevant to the culture the story is setin.


Read The Roadfor the next lesson.






To predict astories outcome

Quick recap onthe story so far. What stands out as different to our culture?(The pass) Explain why Naledis mum is in South Africa, she workshard to send back money so her chn can go to school, have food andsomewhere to live.

Show the pictureof the road in front of Naledi and her brother. Will they reachJoBerg? What do you think might happen? Remind them of their takenobjects.

Where you thinkmost appropriate.

Remind chn oflast wks predictions, same skill different story.


MA - Ask chn towrite predictions. What is going to happen next?


LA small pictureof the road adult aided.


HA Complexsentences to explain their predictions.



Did they thinksomething like this would happen to the pair?




To write acharacters journey descriptively

Ask chn toimagine Naledi in modern Burton. She has to deliver an urgentparcel to a family member. How will she make that journey? Imagineshe must find the family member in Paris. In talking partnersdiscuss how she would travel. Give success criteria dependent onage and group ability.

Writing Describe her journey. How does she feel? What has she seen? Howdid she travel?


Differentiationby outcome.

Self assessmentagainst shared success criteria.


Outside ofliteracy hour.


Read chapterRide on a Lorry and The city of Gold. Is this what the chnpredicted would happen?



Music African music or animal sounds

Art -landscape

Speaking& Listening opportunities:








Find out whatapartheid means (If appropriate for your class)