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Namerhythm and pulse - African music
Unitrhythm and pulse
Descriptionmedium term plan linked to Africa geog topic for mixed y5/6 class
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MUSIC MEDIUM TERMPLAN rhythm and pulse (African music)

Spring Term2008







Cross curricular links

Key skills

Todiscuss how sounds can be made using body percussion.

Children list all musical instruments they canthink of (work in groups)


Discuss instruments on list, if not on list thendiscuss own bodies as instruments.


Give time to work in groups and find as manyways as possible of using own body as instrument.


Feedback to class.


Show body percussion from Internet videodiscuss.


Give time to compose own short body percussionin small groups, feedback to class

MAuse increased body movements


LAonly use clapping

Are they able to make sounds just using theirbody?


Can they make a range of sounds?


Are they able to use more body parts than simplyclapping?


Geog - Africa

Appraising L3 -describe music usingappropriate vocabulary.

listen carefully with attention todetail. L4 can describe and compare different kinds of music, usingmusical vocabulary


Composing L3 recognise how musicalelements can be

used together to compose descriptivemusic.


Tounderstand how the body can be used rhythmically

Listen to avariety of rhythmic music from different parts of the world &encourage the children to clap & move to the pulse.


explore howrhythms can be used repeatedly in cycles- rhythms can be repeated,improvised & developed, & how these rhythms can be made moreinteresting by adding different dynamics, durations &timbres.


Music Express page 8 listen to African drummusic, transfer speech patterns onto drums and use the rhythms as astarting point for some improvisation

Put children in mixed ability groups.

Are they able to identify & control differentways percussion instruments make sounds?

Variety of music


Music express CD

Geog Africa


PE African dance

Performing L3.

Can maintain a simple part within anensemble.

L4 can improvise and maintain own part with anawareness of the whole ensemble.

Tocreate different sounds using drums.

Repeat last lesson as a warm up activity.

Listen tothe recordings of drumming from Africa.

Placechildren in groups, each group with an instrument, & ask them totry & make new sounds, eg by playing on different parts of theinstrument, with different parts of the hand, different fingers,two sounds together. Ask them, in particular, to explore open &closed sounds on the same instrument. Ask them to pass theinstrument around the group, each child making a different sound.They could try to alternate open sounds with closed sounds.

Talk about how the pitch of some kinds of drumcan be made higher or lower.

Mixed ability groups

Are they able to identify & control differentways percussion instruments make sounds?

African drumming music


Range of drums

Geog Africa


PE African dance

Asabove +

L4 know how to make creative useof the way sounds can be changed, organised andcontrolled

Can combine soundsexpressively.

Tocreate different sounds using drums.

Listen torecordings of African drumming. Focus on the rhythmic features. Canyou identify repeated sounds, rhythmic patterns? Can you identifyany instruments? Are all the sounds of the same volume? Whichsounds contrast with each other?

Reviseearlier work on pulse & rhythm. Help the class to keep a steadypulse using body movement, clapping & instruments. Ask individualsto improvise rhythmic patterns to the pulse using body percussionor classroom instruments.

Ask theclass to clap eight beats, counting one to eight out loud. Now askthem to clap on the first beat & tap the remaining beats on theirknees. Now make the fifth beat silent. Keep repeating this cyclicpattern of eight beats.

MUSIC EXPRESS Lesson pg 10/11

Mixed ability groups

Are they able toidentify &control different ways percussion instruments makesounds?

African drumming music


Range of drums


Music express


Geog Africa


PE African dance

Composing L4 create music whichreflects given intentions and uses notations as a support forperformance.

Can create rhythmic patterns withan awareness of timbre and duration.


Todesign own African music

Insmall groups, give out some drums and other percussion instruments,while others use body percussion.


Children to compose own simple cyclic pattern.It must have an underlying pulse running through the piece. Record,listen and feedback.

Mixed ability groups

invent simple rhythmic pattern


make improvements to their own work


create & develop ideas

African drumming music


Range of drums

Geog Africa


PE African dance

Asabove +

Composing L5 show musical sensitivityin selecting sounds

and structures to express anidea.