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NameVictorian Doll Houses 2
TopicDesign Technology
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St Maries Catholic Primary School

St Maries Catholic Primary SchoolPlanning

Teacher: CW, AMD,MC

Class: 8, 9, 10

Year groups: 5/6

Date: AutumnII

Subject: Design Technology





Information Processing




Application of number





Working withothers

Improving own learning

Problem solving



Teaching/ LearningActivities


Assessment forlearning


Children should:


Develop their ideas and explain them clearly,putting together a list of what they want their design toachieve;


Plan what they have to do, suggesting a sequenceof actions and alternatives if needed;


Communicate design ideas in different ways asthese develop, bearing in mind aesthetic qualities and the uses andpurposes for which the product is intednded;

























Discuss the task of designing andmaking a replica Victorian dolls house for a specificmarket.


In their allocated groups, childrenbrainstorm their initial ideas on designing and making theirspecific room using a concept map.


Remind chn of the iron girders,used vertically and horizontally, to build the Great Exhibition andshow Joseph Paxtons drawings (Resource Box). As a class completeworksheet 3.


Give each group a net of a cube andask each group to build a scaled down model of their dolls room,annotating the cube as they work. Chn should then unfold their cubeto make it 2-D again so that each child can annotate a given net(worksheet 4).


Tell the chn that they will begiven limited quantities of materials in order to build their room(Thinking Skill) and the groups should decide how they are going touse them.

Ask the chn to think about:

How will you make it stable? Howwill it stand up? How could you make it stronger? Where are theweak points? How could you reinforce them?


The children should develop theirideas in models and drawings, taking account of the availableresources, the sequence of construction and the techniques to beused.


Chnmake a time line of the events to be carried out to create thedolls house (worksheet 5).


Health and Safety:

Useblunt dowels to score folds of the nets rather than openscissors.

Children can:


LA/ L3:

Usewords, labeled sketches and models to communicate the details oftheir designs;

Seek the views of others about theirdesigns;

Think ahead and plan the order of theirwork;

Make realistic plans;


MA/ L4:

Communicate their ideas and alternative ideas,which show they are aware of the constraint of their ideas;

Usetext, labeled diagrams and annotations to describe theirideas;

Produce step-by-step plans to create theirdesign;


HA/ L5:

Clarify their ideas through discussion, drawingand modeling;

Know that resources are a constraint and can plancosts, time and the best materials for the product;

















Victorian dolls house pictures

Resource Box from The V and A Museum:

Worksheets 3, 4 and 5.

Nets of cubes.













Designing eg modelling, scalemodel, fair test

Knowledge and understanding:

 triangulation, diagonal,stable, strength, framework, material, tube, rigid, section, waterresistance, tie, strut, beam, bracket, stay, member, horizontal,vertical, gusset