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Thirsk Community Primary School - Medium Term Plan Band3

School - Medium Term Plan Band 3

Subject: History Unit: 11 Victorian Britain Term: Summer Year:


Programme ofStudy:

Unit 11 What was it like forChildren living in Victorian Britain?


Learning Objectives(Optional if QCA unit is attached)

See QCA Unit 11 forobjectives


Activities / KeyQuestions Time allocated: 10 Hours


Resources Victorians Box, How We Used to Live video Victorian Days (5programmes) Look and Read Video Victorian Theme

  1. L.O: RecogniseQueen Victoria and be able to place the period on a timeline. Complete a timeline of historical events which they have knowledge of and addother important dates. Use Ginn Victorian Britain for reference.Look at portraits of Queen Victoria and discuss. to KS2 unit 11 weblinks Queen Victoria; images of her world.This has an extensive collection of images for thesmartboard.
  2. L.O: To considerwhat life was like for children in the past.Discuss what life may have been like for Victorias children andwhether all children would have had the same experience. Useportraits to infer information. Use above link
  3. L.O: To comparelife for a poor child/rich child in the 1840s Family Life.Collect information from a range of sources and draw conclusions.Use Ginn Victorian Britain Pg 12-15 and Heinneman VictorianBritain Pg 55-57. Go to has an interactive site which covers work, school andplay.
  4. L.O: compare lifefor a poor child/rich child in the 1840s Homes.Collect informationfrom a range of sources and draw conclusions. Use Ginn VictorianBritain Pg 10-11.
  5. L.O: compare lifefor a poor child/rich child in the 1840s Work.Collect informationfrom a range of sources and draw conclusions.
  6. L.O: Understandthat individuals can change aspects of society.Research the livesand work of Lord Shaftesbury and Dr Barnardo (link back to REtopic). Look at the 1841 Mine Act, 1868 Agricultural Act, 1874Factories Act, 1875 Climbing Boys Act.
  7. L.O: Compare modernand Victorian Schooling. Use Ginn VictorianBritain Pg 20-21 Heinneman Victorian Britain Pg 50,57. Identifydistinctive features of Victorian classrooms. Research the routinesof a Victorian school day and compare to the present day. UseSnaith Primary school website
  8. L.O: Consider howattitudes to childhood have altered. Write a diaryfor a weekend as a Victorian child. Compare Victorian and modernday activities. Research toys, games and pass times.
  9. & 10 L.O: Recallinformation about life of children in Victoriantimes. Discuss how lifechanged for children during that period. Look at clothing,transport and inventions which have influenced our lives today. Usesnaith primary school website

ICT: Other usefulsites include:,

Assessment: Arechildren able to make comparisons between childrens lives in theVoctorian period compared to present day? Are they able to statesignificant changes and reasons for them? Can children makedeductions from primary source materials?