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NameFantasy Worlds Wk 2 - Little Mermaid
DescriptionLiteract unit based on Little Mermaid story to link with seaside theme.
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Literacy Plan 200


Week beginning:28.04.08

Teacher:******************************************* Unit: Unit 4 Stories about FantasyWorlds.

Class: 2 Year1

S&L Focus:Describe characters and settings orally. Listen and respond tofantasy stories.

Outcomes at the endof the unit: Compose complete sentences correctly demarcated bycapital letters and full stops. Write a short story with theevents organised sequentially into problem and resolution (markingand feedback given against agreed success criteria).


Whole classword/sentence level

Whole class textlevel work

Differentiated /Independent



Mon: To identify the problem and resolution in astory.

See separatephonics plan

Recap on the storyof The Little Mermaid from last week. Ask the ch to retell orallyand in sequence. Tell the ch that most stories have a problem anda resolution (way that the problem is solved). Use some examplesfrom Traditional Tales that they have looked at. Ask the ch whatthey think the problem is in The Little Mermaid and how is itsolved. Read the ch Rainbow Fish, again ask ch to think about whatthe problem in the story was and how it was resolved.

Read Sharing a Shellto class. In talking partners they are to discuss what the problemwas in the story and how it was resolved. MH to work with Floppypairs.

Discuss the chssuggestions. As a class list all the different problems andresolutions we can think of to different stories they have readfrom the bookshelf.

As a class thinkabout and list different problems that could have happened in thestory of The little Mermaid. What could Ariel want to be humanfor? What could the Sea Witch take instead of her voice?

Tues: To watch part of a film version of a story with afantasy setting.

See separatephonics plan

Using the video ofThe Little Mermaid, show ch the part when Ariel argues with her Dadand then goes to Ursulas cave and becomes a human.

Discuss with the ch,what did we see in the film version that was not in thebook?

Ch are to recountwhat happened when Ariel goes to see the Sea Witch. Diff byoutcome. MH work with Floppy to help with sequencing, encourageuse of more exciting vocab in sentences. Diff by outcome. Expectmore detail and ambitious vocab form Biff group.

Re-read the part inthe book where Ariel goes to meet Ursula. As a class write a liston IWB of the things that are the same in both versions and thingsthat are different.

Weds: To plan a fantasy story.

See separatephonics plan

Tell the ch that weare going to write our own version of The Little mermaid. Explainthat we are going to use the same setting and characters but we aregoing to change why Ariel wants to become a human and what shegives The Sea Witch. Show ch the IWB file from Mondays plenarywith the ideas for different problems. Discuss them and ask the chfor any other ideas.

Tell ch that a storyneeds to be 3 in parts beginning, middle and ending. Demonstrateto ch how to plan a story using the template on IWB. Explain wedont need full sentences at the moment, just our ideas.

Ch are to plan theirstory independently using template. Remind that the middle part ofthe story is where the problem is and the end is where the problemis solved. Tell ch that they do not need to write the storyproperly now, just write their ideas down. Ch to use template toplan their story.

Floppy Guidedwrite with MH to plan story.

Kipper/Chip/Biff Use template to plan their story.

Ask some of the chto share their story ideas with the rest of the class.

Ask the ch what theythink we need to write a good Little Mermaid story (Beginning,middle, end, a problem, a resolution, full sentences, excitingwords). Make a list of the things we need in our story and save toLittle Mermaid file. Explain to ch that these are the things thatI will be looking for in their finished stories. (Successcriteria)

Thurs:To plan a fantasy story.

See separatephonics plan

Tell ch that todaywe are going to be using our plans to write our stories.

Look at story planfrom yesterday saved to Little Mermaid flipchart and model how touse plan to write beginning of the story.

As a class write thebeginning of the story together. Take ideas from ch andsuggestions on how to make the sentences more interesting. Remindch of the success criteria from Weds plenary, show on IWB.

Independently ch areto begin writing their short stories using their plans.

Kipper Guidedwrite with SR to write beginning and middle of story.

Floppy At least 2sentences for each part of the story (beg, middle end) 6 sentencesin total.

Chip & Biff Atleast 3 sentences for each part of the story (9 altogether)


Also diff byoutcome.



Provide ch withstory board templates for their stories.


Invite ch to sharethe story so far with the rest of the class.

Fri: To write a fantasy story based on The LittleMermaid.

See separatephonics plan

Remind ch of thesuccess criteria and discuss. Tell ch that we are going to beusing the lesson to finish writing our stories.

Ch to finish usingtheir plans to write their own version of The LittleMermaid.

Kipper To writeending to story from Guided Write yesterday.

Floppy Guidedwrite with SR, end of story.

Chip & Biff Complete their stories.

Ask ch to read theirstories and check that they have included the things in the successcriteria. Share some of the stories with the class.