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NamePersuasive writing
UnitNon fiction
DescriptionPersuasion unit linked to Ancient Greece
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Year: 6 Unit:Transition Block: No of Weeks:2 Date: Sept07


Focus Areas (FA):Reading Word reading skills and strategies; Understandingand interpreting texts;

Engaging with and responding to texts;

Writing - Creating and shaping texts; Textstructure and organisation;

Sentence structure and punctuation



Prior Learning for theunit


Cross Curricular:



  • Present aspoken argument, sequencing points logically, defending views withevidence and making use of persuasive language
  • Analyse theuse of persuasive language - Inferringwriter's perspectives from what is written and impliedandfinding evidence in written, pictorial and physicaltexts
  • Explore howwriters use language for comic and dramatic effects
  • Reflectindependently and critically on their own writing and edit andimprove it
  • Adapt sentenceconstruction to different text types, purposes and readers.Punctuate sentences accurately, including use of speech marks andapostrophes


                        expresspersonal opinions to compare and contrast a range of texts usingevidence from the text to support their opinion

                        identifykey language features in persuasive texts.




A variety ofNon Fiction Information books about Ancient Greece






An anthologyof Greek Myths



Shared learningand





Guided learning




Read aselection of extracts from travel brochures describing Greece.Identify ways in which the author tries to persuade us that Greecewould be a good place to visit.



Reada variety of travel brochures and use note taking and text markingto highlight persuasive techniques used by the author.

Makenotes on facts they have learned about Greece fromthebrochures.

Discuss use ofwritten texts and pictures in persuasive writing.

Discusstheir opinion of the author's implied point of view based onevidence in the written and visual text. Why wldhe have that viewconsidering the purpose ofbrochures?

LA guidedreading of travel brochure to find techniques as a group

Discuss use ofpersuasive vocabulary

Spellingpattern suffix endings ed, ier, iest.


Read furtherextracts from brochures.

Revisebasic language, sentence and structure facts

Identifylanguage of persuasion interesting vocabulary and appropriateconnectives.


Continue fromyesterday gathering more information about Greece and wherepossible, Ancient Greece.

Collectvocabulary that they can use in their own writing.



Thechildren develop a class checklist of devices to support theirindependent reading and writing.

Identifywhich facts/evidence would have the most persuasive impact on areader


LMA - guidedreading of travel brochure to find techniques as a group

Discuss use ofpersuasive vocabulary



Big Writing Story using prompt - for baseline assessment.


Planningfor persuasion - structuring evidence and deciding on anappropriate style

Collect wordsand phrases found during previous lesson. Discuss and collectopeners which would be used in persuading people to visitGreece.


Children towrite own persuasive text, encouraging someone to choose Greece astheir holiday destination.

Differentiationby outcome.


Read andanalyse pieces of writing against the checklist.

Then allchildren to check their own.

Identifyappropriate language and phrases for a persuasive text

Childrenwriting independently with shared prompts

Discussion ofvocabulary choices

SentenceStructure for persuasive writing.


Look atpresentation of holiday brochures, including use of photographs andcaptions, headings and positioning of text.

Discussimportance of presentation for audience.

Children topublish writing in an appropriate style including using photographsfrom brochures.



Look atdifferent examples and discuss effectiveness.

Writingpublished in an attractive format appropriate to task.


Handwriting using spelling pattern





Recap story ofPersephone and the Pomegranate Seeds from previous weeks classreader. Discuss different points in story when persuasion eitherwas or could have been used. Discuss the point where Hermessuggests Zeus should decide and provide writing skeleton to collectreasons for and against.

Snowballing -Children to work in pairs, then 4s to collect arguments for andagainst why Persephone should stay with Pluto.


Identifywhich facts/evidence would have the most persuasive impact on areader

TA to supportLA

Spellingpattern prefixes

Aqua, micro,tele,

Put 4 columnsin book and use dictionaries to find words Can they work out whatprefix means?


Usingdrama and role play techniques and the language and phrases frompersuasive texts, the children rehearse presenting their argumentsto Zeus


Mini plenarieswhere groups show freeze frames etc

Use arange of oral and linguistic techniques to present a persuasiveargument


Connectivesused orally encouraged to develop range.


Big Writing Persuasive Text(Using writing frame planner)


Analyse thesentence structure of effective persuasive text. Read and discussdifferent sentence structures and identify which are the morepersuasive.

Children givena variety of scenarios as stimulus. Children to write sentencesusing all the persuasive techniques

Mini classvotes to see which sentences were the most persuasive

Knowwhich sentence structures are used at key points in a persuasivetext

Target group teacher focus.

LA supported byTA

Manipulatethe clauses in sentences for different effects on thereader


Writing aletter to Zeus model how to set out a letter and recap thefeatures of persuasion.




In pairs,children to write a letter to Zeus expressing their point of viewand persuading him.



Final checklist what have we learned about persuasion?

What have welearned about persuasion?

Guided Writing teacher to scribe for group - LA

Handwriting using spelling pattern


Homework Linked to spellingpattern + for those children who wish to apply a persuasive speechfor the class councillor election.