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NameNet and wall games
UnitNet and wall games
DescriptionNet/wall games for year 3/4
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Bishop Alexander Primary School

BishopAlexander Primary School

Games planning, Net/Wallgames, Year 3/4 JB, RA, EW, Spring second half term







The aim of the gameis to score points by throwing a ball into the opponents courtarea and making it bounce twice. Play the game one against one. Usea low net (bench to short tennis height), on a court that isrelatively long and narrow. Use throwing and catching skills tomake the ball bounce twice in the opponents area. 1 point for everydouble bounce.

Once the childrencan play the game confidently, move on to introduce hitting theball with a racket after it has bounced.

Thisgame is easiest with a big ball that bounces well (this is easierfor some children who have difficulties with coordination).

Can children control anddirection and speed of a ball, using their hands?



The aim of the gameis to score points by getting a small soft ball or beanbag to landin one of two targets. Play the game one against one. Use a highnet on a long narrow court (about 3 to 5m long on each side of thenet, and 1 to 2m wide). Position a target near the front of thecourt on either side of the net, and another towards the back ofthe court. Encourage the children to use short, low throws to tryto hit the target at the front, and long, high throws to try to hitthe target at the back. Their opponents aim is to intercept theball or beanbag before it bounces.

Later,a racket can be used to hit a ball or shuttlecock. The sametechnique of partner feeding can be used as in Task 1, but the feedshould be a full toss.

Can children aim and throwwith accuracy?




Ask the children toadapt the rules, equipment or skills of the game they are playingso that it suits them better. Then ask them to make up a new netgame, with a good scoring system. They should be able to play theirgame well and teach it to others in the class.

Adaptations andvariations on the tasks

Ask the childrento:

play the game ona different-sized court, or with a higher or lower net (to make thegames easier or harder)

use differentequipment to send or hit the ball on either side of the net.

Can children create theirown game using their own knowledge of games and their ownskills.