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6-8 Hrs

Design and technology Year 5 Biscuits.





        To know whata biscuit is.


        To be ableto evaluate a biscuit.

Children make a list in of all thebiscuits they can think of. Give pictures to LA.

Discuss how these could be grouped e.g. fruit, savoury, chocolate. Define what a biscuit is. Comparewith definition on look at the difference between biscuits and cakes. Discuss whendo we eat biscuits?

Children evaluate 5 biscuits digestive, fruit shortcake, custard cream, cheese and rich tea, forappearance, flavour, texture and whether they like thetaste.

Look at packaging and list the mainingredients.

Discuss how some biscuits got theirname.


        To be ableto construct and carry out a survey.

Children will generate suitablequestions to ask others about their biscuit eating habits andpreferences. Children take survey home and ask up to 10people.

LA construct a basic survey with 3questions and adult support.


        To be ableto explain how to ensure health and safety when preparingfood.

Discuss the importance of preparing afood area, wearing aprons, and personal hygiene.

Children to write the 5 basic rulesfor food hygiene and colour in a picture of an unhygienic andunsafe kitchen.



        To produce aflow-chart to show how to make biscuits.

Teacher demonstration to make plainbiscuits. Show children step by step what to do. Discuss thedifferent ways that the ingredients could be mixed by machine orhand. Discuss how you could change the flavour more sugar,chocolate chips, coco powder, ginger. Explain how differentingredients can be added at different stages of making in drymix, in dough, after shaping, before or after cooking and why.Discuss the different ways of finishing to alter the finalappearance dusting with icing sugar, adding something on top,cutting into a shape.


Children produce a flow-chart to showthe order in which things are done.


        To be ableto follow a flow-chart to make biscuits.

Children use their flow-chart to maketheir basic biscuits.


[Adult helprequired.]


        To be ableto evaluate a biscuit

Children evaluate the biscuit makingprocess and the biscuits they produced.

Biscuitevaluation worksheet.


        To designbiscuits for a present.

Children to plan the biscuits theyare going to make to be given to a present for a specific person.Refer back to survey. What types of biscuit does that personlike?

Children alter the flow-chart fortheir own biscuits and write the recipe that they will need to useto make these biscuits.

Children rewrite biscuit recipe withalterations.


        To be ableto follow a recipe.

Children to follow their flow-chartand make their own biscuits.

[Adult helprequired.]


        To evaluatea product

Children evaluate their product andeach others against the original design criteria. How well doesthis work? How can you improve it? What do you need to change?Have they made a present that the receiver will like?



Children decorate a box to take theirbiscuits home in.