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Unit: 1B


Class: Year Group: 1 Term:2 1st half





Whole ClassFocus/objectives


Main Activity(middle)


Less Able


More Able




Key Idea: that work can be printed.


I can print my work.

Classroom: remind chn of the methods oftyping they looked at before the holiday. Discuss what was hard andeasy about each one. Draw a number 2 on the board Is it perfect?Was it quick to do? Talk to them about the computer and printer andhow it works. Talk to them about what to do if something does notprint instantly patience and understanding!!

ICT Suite: Let the children play with a word programme setto a large font. Demonstrate how to click on the print icon to tellthe computer to produce a print out. Show them the icon enlarged.Show the children a finished result. Ask the children to type thenumbers from 0-10 and print.

Support to log on to computer, and support withusing programme.

Analyse the benefit of using a computer toproduce text. If the printer does not work, what could be wrong,and what should they do?




Key Idea: that a computer can be used to createtext.


I can enter text in a wordprocessor.

Classroom: As a class look around the room and point out anylabels with names on. Explain that they will type up their ownnames using the computer. Point out the shift, backspace andcarriage return. Explain why the keyboard is not in alphabeticalorder.

ICT Suite: Demonstrate how to type a name three times on thecomputer using the special keys of shift for the capital letter.What happens if we make a mistake? Use the backspace to delete aletter. Use enter/return to make a new line. Make sure each name ison a new line.

Support logging on, and typing their namecorrectly.

Ask the children to show you the keys they havelearnt about today, and what each key does.




Key Idea:


I can use a wordbank.

Classroom: Talk to the children about what they do if theycannot spell a word. Have any of them ever used a word bank ordictionary?

ICT Suite: Show the chn Granada Writer and point out wherethe word bank is. Show them how to put a word onto the page.Explain the importance of using the spacebar when using thewordbank else the words will join together. Explain the importanceof just pressing it once! Demonstrate how to use the mouse to thecorrect word in the bank then click on it. The word should thenappear next to the cursor. Let the chn have a play.

Support to log on and read wordscorrectly.

Can the children make a sentence? Does it makesense?




Key Idea:


I can use a keyboard and wordbank toenter text.

Classroom: Explain that you want them toenter some text with both the keyboard and a wordbank. Show themenlarged print and read the incomplete sentences. Show wordsavailable using labels. Ask a child to think about themselves andto choose an appropriate word. Repeat this until all the blankshave been filled in.

ICT Suite: Explain to the chn that they are going to producea piece of text using the computer. Show them the screen with theunfinished sentences. Point out and read aloud the words in thewordbank. Remind them about typing their name and using the shiftkey to get a capital letter. For the rest of the gaps they will beusing the wordbank. Demonstrate how to insert the word from theword bank into the sentences. It is important to teach the childrento position the cursor in the tight place before they click on theword bank words. Remind them how to delete.

Support to log on and read wordscorrectly.

Read their sentences. Can they add anothersentence by typing and using the word bank.





Consolidate Unit: Logging on, creating text, usingappropriate keys.


I can recognise the value of using aword processor.

ICT Suite: Show the children 3 or 4 words (this could befrom their spellings) and ask them to try to type them as fast asthey can using space bar and carriage return. Stop them and askthem to count. Log off computer

Classroom: Bring the class together and review the learningobjective. Name an advantage of a word processor over that ofhandwriting. Name a advantage of handwriting over that of a wordprocessor.

Support to log on. Produce some correctspellings.

Analyse the benefits of using a word processorover hand writing. Correct spellings and confidence in using thekeyboard.



Literacy - spellings and reading


Half termObjectives/Expectations

most childrenwill: enter single words from akeyboard; use a word bank to assemble sentences that communicatemeaning


Half term Objectives/


enter single words from a keyboard; use a wordbank to combine words, with help

Half term Objectives/


use ICT to create sentences that communicatemeaning, using the keyboard for the majority of the text