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NameMoving Toys
TopicDesign Technology
UnitMoving Toys
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Aylward First & Middle School










Yr:6 Plans: Design and Technology (Cross-Curricularlinks with History Victorian Toys Cams)



Knowledge,concepts, skills

(Differentiatedactivities will be prepared on a daily basis)



v  torecognise the movement of a mechanism within a toy or model

v  tounderstand that a cam will change rotary motion into linearmotion

v  tounderstand that different shaped cams produce differentmovements

v  about therelationship between a cam and a follower

Week 1

Investigate acollection of moving toys that contain (non-mechanical, mechanical,board games, other). Ask questions e.g. How do theymove?

Investigate acollection of moving toys that contain a cam mechanism. Askquestions e.g. Which parts turn? Which parts move? How are thedifferent parts attached to allow free movement? How are the movingparts guided into place?


In this unit,children will use words and phrases relating to:



e.g. sequence, annotateddiagram, sketch, decision, choice, prototype, model,communicate

making e.g. shape, assemble,accurate, saw, mark out


Knowledge andUnderstanding

e.g. cam, mechanism, movement,linear motion, rotary motion, pivot, off-centre, axle, force,framework, follower, guide, offset, shaft

Week 2

Make models usingconstruction kits to look more closely at the movement made by acam. Ask similar questions to those above to guide children inmaking observations about the movement and how parts are joinedtogether. Ask them to try out different shaped cams to observe anddescribe their movement.

v  tomeasure and mark out accurately

v  to usetools for cutting safely and effectively

v  to usea drill to make an off-centre hole in a wheel

Week 3

Demonstrate to thechildren how to set up the bench hook, G-cramp and measure; markout and drill a hole off-centre in the wooden wheel. Explain to thechildren that they are going to make a Victorian toy with a movingpart, using a cam. Discuss and agree the purpose of the toy withthe group (illustrate a popular Victorian nursery rhyme). Discussand prioritise important design criteria, considering both functionand visual quality of the product. Children to produce detailedplans of moving toy. When planning, the children should develop aclear sequence of how the materials and tools should be used andhow the making of the toy will proceed. This could be done as astoryboard.

v  toconsider the characteristics of the cam mechanism when designingthe moving part of their toy

v  to testout their design ideas before proceeding

v  to cutand join with accuracy to ensure a good-quality finish to theproduct

v  to testthe mechanisms and make adjustments where necessary

Week 4, 5 & 6

Remind the childrenhow to use some of the tools safely.

Stress theimportance of attaching the cam securely to ensure an accuratemovement.

Remind them to giveconsideration to the finished design of the box in which themechanism is cased, to make it as appealing as possible to theperson who will receive it, or appropriate for its purpose.

Week 7

Ask the children toevaluate the product against their design criteria and seekevaluations from others.