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NameMusic Y3 Timbre
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DescriptionA half term plan for exploring timbre using classroom percussion and descant recorders
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Year 3 Timbre

Year 3 Timbre

Term focus:Composing for classroom percussion.

Performing a recorder part in a group within a whole schoolperformance.

Singing a part in a group within and whole schoolperformance.

Pupils willimprove their understanding of timbre through a range ofactivities:

  1. Singing andplaying new pieces on their own and in groups, using untunedpercussion, descant recorders and own instruments.
  2. Composingpieces in pairs for two chosen instruments.
  3. Using notationwhen reading and using notations in both these pieces and their owncompositions.


Most pupilswill be able to play descant recorder pieces using B, A and G withcrotchets, minims, dotted minims, semibreves and quavers withconfidence. They will be able to sing, with confidence and withimproving recognition of pitch, songs with a range of about anoctave when performing in a group. They will be able to playchosen classroom percussion instruments correctly and with somemanual dexterity.


Most childrenwill compose a part within a classroom percussion duet. They willbe able to select a variety of sounds and dynamics to create apiece with some contrast and interest. They will be able to notatetheir piece so that they and others are able to perform them laterwith some accuracy.


Most childrenwill be able to listen with concentration to short pieces ofmusic. They will be able to recognise different instruments bysound. They will recognise and then demonstrate the pulse of apiece of music using clapping, movements or dance.


Most children willrecognise and perform correctly note values crotchet, minim andsemibreve when playing descant recorder or untuned percussionpieces. They will recognise and perform with confidence trebleclef note B, A and G when playing descant recorder pieces. Theywill recognise and use graphic symbols both in existing pieces andtheir own compositions. They will know the names and potentialtimbres of commonly used untuned classroom percussion instruments.They will be beginning to understand the effect that varyingdynamics can have in a performance.