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NameY2 Trad Tales
UnitTraditional Tales
DescriptionAn outline of a three day unit for writing a new version of a traditional tale
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Termly Curricular Target

Termly CurricularTarget

KS1 TraditionalTales


Learning Objectives/Success Criteria: Genre:









Word/ SentenceLevel

Shared Writing andReading





Guess That Fairy Tale. Chn to sit in trayplaces with a piece of scrap paper between 2, then they look at 12picture clues on the IWB and they have to guess the name of thestory being portrayed. From this can they guess what our literacytopic is Fairy Stories / Traditional Tales

Look at final list of fairytales. Can we add tothe list? What makes a tale a fairytale?


Link to work through up to book block graph


Show chart and discuss.


Inpairs children will complete fairytale characteristics chart, thendiscuss in fours and then in 8s. Snowballing technique.

Mixed ability


Selection of books and stories on each table tohelp the children complete the chart


All adults to circulate around children andsupport/challenge as appropriate

Compile class chart of fairytales we know andtheir characteristics.


Display word doc on IWB and complete


Pips ow


The Ow Poem discuss the different spellingsfor ow but also that not all ow words make the same sound


ow/ou phoneme maker


Talk about tradition of oral story tellingchoose a well known story and tell in a circle one sentence at atime


GandT to complete a Goldilocks SequencingActivity in pairs



Compare versions of Goldilocks and the ThreeBears

Begin with traditional retelling then look at amodern and more humorous

Use two whiteboard versions the first startswith Goldilocks

The second starts with the bears

Ingroups list things that stay the same and things writers havechanged


Comparing Goldilocks


The Same Different table to be drawn intochildrens literacy books



GTextension what else could be changed but so the story would stillwork? What would you change to make your own version ofGoldilocks?

List stories with 3 or 7 in the title and set achallenge for children can they find another story with thosenumbers in title that we hadnt thought of.




PiPs games ow


Feedback from challenge set yesterday and addany new titles to list.


Read the story the Three Wishes

How do we know this is a traditional tale? Tellchildren that we are going to write our own versions of the threewishes



Using big book orally tell a new version of thestory using prompts provided


Introduce childrens planning sheets anddiscuss



Toplan a new version of the story


Groups 1, 2 and 3 planning sheet


Groups 4 and 5 tick sheets



Plenary tell stories to each other in pairssuggest improvements etc

















Word/ SentenceLevel


Shared Writing andReading





PiPs games ow


Looking at story language and thinking about ourown story writing what do we need to think about




Using the plan of a chosen child model writingstory focusing on use of language

Write stories in literacy books


Focus groups on their chosen writingtarget



Reads stories so far and comment on use oflanguage


PiPs games

Test on ow compound words

Give out oy compound words





Speaking and Listening Focus




High OrderQuestions











Tuesday Word Level Workfocus