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Class teachers: Year Group:6

Subject: Co-ordinator: Term: Spring2





Includingclassroom organisation and differentiation





WALT: To usePowerPoint to assemble images and text.

TousePowerPoint to organise, refine and present a set of linkedmultimedia pages, which incorporate images, and text.

Asabove independent.




Introduction:Discuss differentuses for computers. Show the class a book discuss its features, howdoes it convey its content? Can it speak to you? Show a storytape. How else can we convey information? With moving images - showa video clip. Can a computer do all these things? What can acomputer do that none of those things can?

Explain to the classthat this term we will be using the internet and our ICT time tocreate a multi-media presentation. What is a multimediapresentation? Children discuss in learning partners and report backto class. What computer program could we use to create a multimediapresentation?

Share with the classPPT created by an 11 year old their age. Discuss the content andmultimedia used.

Ask questions:How effective is the text? Is theheading/title clear and of good size? Is it sited on a good placeon the page? Are different sized texts/fonts used? What effects dothese create? Is the text easy to read? Is there too much/toolittle text? Is the use of colourappropriate/effective? Are theillustration effective? Do they help or hinder the user whenlooking at the page? Do they serve a purpose? Are they attractivelypresented? Are they sited well in relation to the text or does thepage look to crowded? What buttons/locations are used? Are theyclear and well sited? Is their purpose easily understood by theuser? Do they stand out on the page? Are they in the best position?Does the page use other forms of media, E.g. video, sound? Are theywell positioned? Do they enhance the

page? Isthe information that they give relevant?

Discussthe intended audience does this impact the design of the slide?How? If the audience was changed would the design and contentchange?

Explain to the classthat by the end of the unit they will be able to produce amultimedia presentation like this.

Tell children theyare going to produce their own slide presentation inPowerPoint.

1.     Show children theshortcut and how to start with a Blank presentation.

2.    Show children how toselect slides and add text and graphics. Gradually build a minislide show in front of them.

3.    Show children how tomove back and forth between slides, to use slide show viewerbutton.

4.    Show children how topresent the slide show using the View Show button.

5.    Show the children howto use the internet to copy images and paste into thepresentation.


Children to create aslide show for Science Revision topic Earth, Sun and Moon.Demonstrate how to research websites going through the schoolwebsite revision page. What skills will they use from last term?Searching the internet. Children must consider the audience andthe content. Children put draft a quick plan deciding the orderthey would like to organise the information in.


Have some childrenshow their presentation. Ask the children what would be needed togo with this visual show to enhance it. Children swap computers andassess each others work using the WILF. What do they like about thePPT. What could be improved? Pupils discuss what they think makesan effective presentation.


Childrenwho use Powerpoint to create a mini-presentation, withsupport.

Childrenwho can organise multimedia using Powerpoint tool.

Childrenwho can present a set of linked multimedia, independently.





PPT from childage 11.


FormativeAssessment Wk 1








Evaluation Wk1










WALT:To Produce amenu slide and create a hyperlink to another slide.Supported

As aboveadding an image from the internet using Internet Explorer and textboxes.

Asabove independent.









Recap last lesson anddiscuss assessment for learning advice. Explain to the class thattoday they are going tolearn how to create a menu slide and then link it to other slidesusing hyperlinks. Share a PowerPoint presentation includinghyperlinks with the class. Show the children a completed slide showfrom last lesson with information that is to be contained in thepresentation with links to appropriate websites. Inform the pupilssubtitles from this document will be added to the PowerPoint tocreate the hyperlinks. Open a blank presentation in MicrosoftPowerPoint and models how to insert text boxes containing thesubtitles. Teacher to decide on these before thelesson.

Teacher open a newslide adding the title and create a hyperlink to it from slide 1,using Action settings from the Slide show on theMenu bar. Save the two slides and demonstrate navigatingfrom slide 1 to slide 2 and back by clicking on thehyperlinks.



Children openpresentations and add a title page and hyperlinks. Children canthen investigate how to add a suitable background and design to thetitle page. Children can then continue with their presentationsusing advice from last lesson. Children must follow the title page organising information appropriately using hyperlinks.



Allow volunteersto exhibit theirhyperlinked slides to the rest of the class.Discuss content and organisation of the slides. Are the slidesorganised well? How could they be improved? What did the pairs findhard about the activity? What are they going to do next time toimprove the presentation?

Children whocan organise slides andcreate appropriate hyperlinks.

PPT from lastlesson.

FormativeAssessment Wk 1







Evaluation Wk1












WALT: Tosample sounds. Create a hyperlink to a Website.


Display one of the pupils savedpresentations, showing the previously created hyperlinked slides.Inform the pupils they are going to add a sound action button thatwill create a link to a website containing sounds. Openwebsite:

Opens several sample sounds for thepupils to listen to. Allow the children 10 minutes to search thewebsite for sample sounds that they would like to use.

Model how to create a hyperlink fromthe clip art image to the above website using the Actionsettings option from the Slide show menu.


Main Activity

The pupils add a new slide to theirpresentation and create a link to the above website using thetechniques shown above. Pupils save their changes. Pupils continueto improve the presentations adding sounds whereappropriate.



Pupils self assesstheir work against the WILF. What action will they need to takenext lesson to improve the presentation.


Creating an actionbutton hyperlinked to a website containing relevant sounds.


FormativeAssessment Wk 2







Evaluation Wk2














WALT: To create clearmultimedia pages presenting text and images linked to the menuslide.


Teacher presents asample presentation to remind pupils what has been achieved so far.Pupils discuss in talk partners skills they have used. Teacherinforms the pupils they are going to add additional slides and linkthem to the menu slide. They will be printing the presentation offtoday and using the presentation as a revision resource. Remind thepupils that the information on the slides must be clear theyshould consider the font style, colour and size carefully. Teachermodel how to hyperlink the new slides.



The pupils opentheir saved presentations and create the new slides including text,images and hyperlinks. Pupils create newslides including text and images.

Pupils save theirchanges and print a copy as handouts.



Pairs of pupils areinvited to demonstrate their presentations to the rest of theclass.

To conclude thepupils are reminded how to hyperlink slides to suggest what makes apresentation clear.

Design pages and links thatpresent the user with clear information.


FormativeAssessment Wk 3

Evaluation Wk3