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NameTraditional stories
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UnitTraditional stories
DescriptionBilly Goats Gruff
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Year Group

Year 1


Yr 1 N 1

Miss Ikram

Stories with Familiar Settings

No. of Weeks (4) 2+2


Core Text

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Curricular Target:



Speaking andListening (S 1- 4)

Text Level reading(S 7 / 8)

Text Level writing(S 9 / 10)

       Tell stories and describeincidents from their own experience in an audible voice

       Retell stories, orderingevents using story language


       Listen with sustainedconcentration, building new stores of words in differentcontexts


       Explore familiar themes andcharacters through improvisation and role-play


       Identify the main eventsand characters in stories, and find specific information in simpletexts


       Use syntax and context whenreading for meaning


       Select books for personalreading and give reasons for choices


       Visualise and comment onevents, characters and ideas, making imaginative links to their ownexperiences


       Independently choose whatto write about, plan and follow it through


       Use key features ofnarrative in their own writing


       Create short simple textson paper and screen that combine words with images (andsounds)


       Write chronological andnon-chronological texts using simple structures

Sentence Level (S 11)

       Compose and write simplesentences independently to communicate meaning


Word Level (5 / 6)

       Recognise and usealternative ways of pronouncing the graphemes already taught, forexample, that the grapheme 'g' is pronounced differently in 'get'and 'gem'; the grapheme 'ow' is pronounced differently in 'how' and'show'

       Recognise and usealternative ways of spelling the phonemes already taught, forexample that the /ae/ sound can be spelt with 'ai', 'ay' or 'a-e';that the /ee/ sound can also be spelt as 'ea' and 'e'; and begin toknow which words contain which spelling alternatives

       Identify the constituentparts of two-syllable and three-syllable words to support theapplication of phonic knowledge and skills

       Recognise automatically anincreasing number of familiar high frequency words

       Apply phonic knowledge andskills as the prime approach to reading and spelling unfamiliarwords that are not completely decodable

       Read more challenging textswhich can be decoded using their acquired phonic knowledge andskills, along with automatic recognition of high frequencywords

       Use knowledge of commoninflections in spelling, such as plurals, -ly, -er

Presentation (S 12)


Key Outcome To write 3 simple sentences to tell astory





Wordlevel work

Sharedlearning and teaching


Independent and group work

Plenaryand Assessment criteria








Recognise automaticallyan increasing number of familiar high frequency words



Introduce this weekswords and sounds depending on what phase we are on.


Give out this weeksspellings.




Before reading the story make sure the chunderstand that there are 3 different sized goats plus a troll.Read the story of the 3 Billy goats gruff. Read the opening in aboring voice thumbs up or down for my reading? Why? Improve thumbs up or down? Recap on the things we need to do whenreading. How will we need to change our voice when the differentgoats and the troll are speaking? Encourage ch to join in reading,using expression.


AA: Ch use story matsto write the story of the 3 billy goats gruff.


M: In the writing areach the story of the 3 billy books gruff in zig zag books, stapledbooks, story board etc (Teacher).


BA1: Ch work on thecarpet/corridor. They have resources to make a bridge with puppetsof the characters. Ch use story language to retell thestory.


BA2: Ch have a range ofpictures of the story which they have to sequence and retellstory.


SEN: Ch have resourcesto make a bridge with puppets of the characters. Ch use storylanguage to retell the story.



To consider vocab related to text author, illustrator etc










Play loop game withphonic cards.



Ask the ch to recap the storyfrom yesterday. Then, ask if they can remember what the youngestbilly goat gruff answered when the troll asked, "Who's thattripping over my

bridge?" If they cannotremember, turn to the page where the little billy goat gruff says,"Oh, it is only I." Choose a child to "be" the littlest billy goatand a child to "be" the troll. Remind them of what

their characters say, makingsure that ch use the "It is I" structure for their goat responses.Repeat this process, sometimes substituting the two other goats totalk to the troll.



AA: Rotate yesterdaysactivities






















Class trip to ScienceMuseum.











List wow words from thestory.

Get the ch to tell the story ofthe 3 Billy goats Gruff. Introduce pictures with the headingsof

Who (is in this story) Where(setting) When (traditional story start; Once upon a time, Along

time ago etc).


Take the first part of thestory where the smallest Billy goat Gruff crosses the bridge. Usethe 3 pictures to emphasise the structure of opening, a problem andhow the problem is solved. Take the second part of the story wherethe second Billy goat Gruff crosses the bridge. Use the 3 picturesto emphasise the structure of opening, a problem and how theproblem is solved. Finally take the third part of the story whereBig Billy Goat Gruff crosses the bridge he has the same problembut solves it in a different way.



AA: Rotate activities










Ch understand that there is abeginning, middle and ending in a story.









Spell phonicallydecodable two- and three-syllable words.



Pass Croc around the circle, makingrhyming strings; cat, hat, mat, fat, sat etc.




Explain to that ch thattoday we are going to write our own story with an opening, aproblem and the problem being solved. Using the headings fromyesterday ask the ch who is going to be in your story? (3 ch and abully). Setting? (In the playground). Problem? (Wont let you playduck, duck goose).

Model writing the storywith the ch in the same format as the 3 billy goats gruff. Talkingpartners, what kind of a story are they going to write? Share someideas with the whole class.




AA/M: Ch write theirown version of a story based on the 3 billy goats gruff.


BA1/BA2: Ch havesentence starters from each part of the story which theycomplete.

SEN: Ch work with LSAwho scribes the beginning and middle of the story. Ch write theending of the story independently.


Can orally compose a sentence.


Can write 1-3 sentences