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NameGeorge Stephenson
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DescriptionFamous People
George Stephenson
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Class 2 (Years 1 and 2) Topic Medium Term Planning

Year 2 History Famous People GeorgeStepehenson Medium Term Planning

Lesson 1 Identify FamousPeople

To know the meaning of the termfamous.

To know some of the reasons why somepeople become famous

Begin to use the terminfamous

Look at ppt of famous people on IWB.Look at who they are and what they do or have done. Specialtalent, done something that no one else has done before, beeninspirational, have an important job, be brave etc or infamous fordoing something bad eg Guy Fawkes, Sweeny Todd?

MA Cut out and label famouspersonalities write a sentence about each to include the reason forwhy they are well known

HA Include Additionalinformation.

LA Cut out and label famouspersonalities

Lesson 2 Understand what life was likebefore the introduction of the steam train

Begin to understand why a new form oftransport was required.

To learn that travelling from placeto place was not always easy.

Look at some of the problems thatpeople encountered before the invention of the train.

Travel was limited by:

State of the roads, bumpy tracks,hard on horses & carriages etc

Travel by carriage was expensive anddangerous (highwaymen eg Dick Turpin)

Slow most people travelled on foot orused family donkey or horse.

Trains meant that people could travelfurther and quicker eventually leading to holidays

Trains meant that goods could bedelivered fresher and to wider locations which eventually made morepeople wealthier.

Lesson 3 TheRocket

Recognise George StephensonsRocket

Begin to understand how the Rocketmoved

Show children images of GSs Rocket.Compare and contrast to trains as we know them today.

Explain basicprinciples behind the invention eg the rocket was a giant kettlefuelled by coal. The steam generated by the water heated in theboiler was directed to the pistons which in turn moved the wheelsetc

Show movement ofpistons and animated rocket on IWB

LA Sequence transporttimeline

MA Label diagram of therocket

HA Draw and labelown illustration of the rocket



Lesson 4 Life and Times of GeorgeStephenson

To know about George Stephensonschildhood and family.

Begin to understand what motivatedhim to create his invention.

Previous to lesson children to access

During ICT lesson Finding Informationto read about Georges life and carry out interactiveactivities.

Watch Channel 4 Stop, Look, ListenFamous People George Stephenson Rainhill Trials DVDprogramme.

MA Write a diary extract aboutRainhill trials.

HA Take notes whilst watching dvdand write an account of George Stephensons life, including DOB,lack of education, following in fathers footsteps, son Robert,developing engineering skills, Rainhill trials

LA Design a certificate for firstprize for the Rainhill Trials.

Lesson 5 How do we know about GeorgeStephenson

To know that historians study peopleand things from the past.

Learn to understand that paintings,photographs, statues, newspaper articles etc remain to tell usabout the past.

Look at paintings and portrait ofGeorge and Robert Stephenson, look at clothing, buildings etc.Identify some of the changes and some things that have remained hesame.

LA Match people to the artefacts fromtheir time.

HA . Write about differences betweenold and new objects such as clothing, household appliances,transport

MA Cloze- read and completenewspaper article from the past.

Lesson 6 Assessment


All complete a proforma whichincludes a space for a drawing and sections to describe what theyhave learned about George Stephenson; recall some details about hislife; Identify some of the effects of his work.



Design a new form of transport forthe future.