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NameBeliefs and questions
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Year 4 Beliefs and questions

Year 6 Beliefsand questions



Learning objectives





To consider theworld around them and think about questions they have about theworld.

Isnt the worldamazing?! There are manymysteries of life.

Earth, stars,plants, animals etc



Discuss as aclass things they saw that were amazing. Discuss unansweredquestions they have about how or why things are. Compile list onposter. Discuss whether religion or science or both may have theanswers. Include - How did we/everything get here? What happensafter we die?

Read poems fromcreatures small book.

Go outside tonature area with magnifiers and look closely at the world aroundyou. Think about questions you have about how / why thingsare.






Introducespirited poetry comp. Pupils write poems for Mystery oflife


(if wet provideresources such as stones, snail shells, leaves, buds, seeds,pictures / books about natural world, earth poster Judaismpack)


Findinganswers sheet p17 Folens (one each).


To know whatChristians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims believe about God.

To consider whythey believe these things.

Is there a God?What is he like? Can youknow?

Most religionsbelieve in some kind of being that is powerful and created us.Discuss pupils ideas of what God might be like, how do peopleknow?


Discuss howChristians believe Jesus was God on earth. God: Rock / father /shepherd / shield / king / creator / potter / judge mightmean.


Discuss howMuslims see Allah as one to be obeyed (Muslim means one whosubmits). 99 names for Allah The creator, source of peace, theloving, the all-forgiving, the guide, the protecting friend.


Discuss Sikhnames for god Supreme Truth, ultimate reality, creator, sustainerof all things. Read Mool Mantra.

Pupils create amind map of What might God be like? during lesson.


Watch DVD

Judaism: 1. God(1.21.4) 10mins






Islam 1. Allah creator and provider 1.1-1.2


DVDs Judaism,Islam.




To know whatHindus & Buddhists believe about God.

Is there a God?What is he like? Can youknow?

Discuss ourselvesas having different faces.


Recap the mainbeliefs of Jews, Christians and Muslims about God as a creator andprovider. Today is about Hindu beliefs which are similar butexpressed in a different way.


Recap and compareto Christian, Jewish and Muslim beliefs about God.

Discuss Buddhistsleaving the God question unanswered.



Pupils draw thedifferent faces of themselves brother, son, pupils, footballer,friend etc and list words to describe themselves in thoseroles.


Watch DVD -Hinduism: 1.1 One God, many aspects.

Pupils label thedifferent faces of God and the characteristics they represent Drawing the Gods sheet p9 living religions - Hinduism.

Drawing theGods sheet p9 living religions Hinduism (one each).


To know what Jewsand Christians believe about how the world was made.

How was theworld made? How did we get here? Can we know?

Recap the wondersof the world and that most religions believe in a God as a creator.Read the Christian / Jewish creation story.


Read othercreation stories Hindu p15 & others & discuss.




In groups pupilscreate one of the 7 pictures A3 size discuss as a class whichcolours would best suit each day. Each picture uses this colour toillustrate it. Using collage, pens & coloured pencils.


Creation storyp94-95 Faiths for a future.


Tapestry ofTales





To know someother beliefs about how the world was made

To consider ownbeliefs about creation.






How was theworld made? How did we get here? Can we know?

Compare toevolution Charles Darwin.






Pupils createartwork to illustrate an idea about creation could be a storythey have heard or their own beliefs.






To know someother beliefs about how the world was made

How was theworld made? How did we get here? Can we know?


Explain writtenelement


Pupils completeartwork and write a brief piece explaining their work.

What is the title ofyour picture? Why did you chose that title? What does your pictureshow? Why did you chose to draw that? What do you believe about howthe world was created?



Questions tofocus written element









To consider ourplace in the world in comparison to animals.

Are humans moreimportant than animals?

Discuss pupilsviews.

Jews andChristians believe we are made in Gods image. Tell the story ofAdam and Eve p29 and 31 in Tapestry of Tales.

Read Psalm 8 discuss meaning.























Pupils completeHuman beings sheet p9 Folens. Then write statementabout their own beliefs whether humans are more important andwhy.


Pupils given oneanimal issue topic to discuss on their table A2 paper & pen tospider diagram main points:

Should we testcosmetics on animals?

Should we testmedicines on animals?

Is it fair tokeep animals in cages?

Is it fair tokeep animals as pets?

Is it right toeat animals?

Is it ok tofactory farm chickens and pigs?



Feedback &discuss as a whole class.

Human beingssheet p9 Folens.

A2 paper &pens


To consider thequestion What is the meaning of life.

What is themeaning of life? Why are we here?

Discuss pupilsviews.


Discussthe ideas & points raised. Tell pupils about religious viewpoints:

Muslim toobey & worship Allah. Muslim = one who submits. Day ofjudgement.

Buddhismkarma & reincarnation - enlightenment.

Christian weare not perfect but can be redeemed. Aim to earn a place inheaven.

Hinduones individual duty rebirth of soul. toknow that one's atman (soul) isidentical to Brahman

Judaism-thepurpose of life is to serve God and to prepare for the world tocome.

Sikh togain salvation with God (unlike other they accept that there aremany ways to achieving this not just Sikhism)



Tables given A3sheet & pen to discuss:

Is theresomething better after this life?

Are we here toserve God?

Is it our duty tolive a good life? Why? (sustainability)


Pupils writetheir own ideas about the meaning of life & what they hope toachieve during theirs.


A3 paper &pens


Tounderstand that religion can provide answers to some bigquestions.

Toconsider their own beliefs about the world around them.

Do people reallyknow?

Discuss how somebig questions are answered by religion. Refer to poster createdin lesson 1.


Discuss thequestion at bottom of sheet do people know or believe thosethings?


What things areimportant to you? What do you believe? Discuss superstitions &horoscopes who believes in them?










Pupils completeKnowing or believing sheet p27 Folens in groups.





Complete Im notcertain, but sheet p28 Folens.

Knowing orbelieving sheet p27 Folens 1 each.

Im not certain,but sheet p28 Folens 1 each.


To consider theimportance of Christmas to Christians and to ourselves

Should peoplewho dont believe in Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Discuss whyChristmas is special to us. What do you like about it?

Watch CDROMCelebrations 1. Nativity and 2. Christmas.

Return to initialquestions and discuss.




Write What Ilike about Christmas. Include explanations why.



RE:Quest CDROMCelebrations


To consider theimportance of Christmas to Christians and to ourselves


What doesChristmas mean to me?

Recap thoughtsabout Christmas from last week. Look through cards discusssymbolism.


In groups pupilslook at some Christmas cards and discuss the significance of theimages. How do they make you feel? Which are your favourite andwhy?

Share thoughts asa class.


Design aChristmas card that shows why Christmas is special to you. Write amessage inside.

Card & colouredpencils.