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Roman Road Primary School Half Term/WeeklyPlanning

Half Term/WeeklyPlanning

Subject: Art (TalkingTextiles) Term: Summer 1 Year Group: 5









To make observationaldrawings



Discuss how storieshave been represented in textiles Show pictures of BayeuxTapestry (IWB & Big Book) PR talk to describe features of the workand how they think it has been made. Look at different the journeyto Normandy scenes of the Bayeux Tapestry( which illustratesstory visually. T to read the next part (The Prisoner) chn todiscuss how they imagine the next scenes to be like PR. Chn tolook at these scenes and begin to sketch I. T tocirculate.

Discuss what theyhave found difficult chn to offer advice about how others couldimprove their work. CA





To sketch images toillustrate a story



Show some of thesketches from the previous lesson. Discuss how the chn haveportrayed the The Prisoner section of the Bayeux tapestry withintheir drawings. Split class into groups of 5/6 and ask them todiscuss a story they have read that could be illustrated e.g. GreekMythology, The Hobbit, Harry Potter or a story they have readindependently Chn to discuss in grps and decide how many differentsections they might need to illustrate. CA - Discuss how they aregoing to work on the final piece will it be a series of smallpanels running horizontally or vertically or one image thatcombines different aspects of the story on a large panel. Showclass a plate of Lord of the Rings as example of this.

Select a few grpsplans and discuss. Advise chn to start thinking about thematerials to use, scale of work, how they need to plan the sequenceof illustrations.





To design & plan avisual story

Emphasise theimportance of working as a team and completing the planning stagesof each section. Get the chn to allocate sections of the story todifferent members of the group. Discuss the importance of ensuringthe correct materials are used and are used in the correct order.Demonstrate how adding colour or texture at the end once all thesketching is complete can really complete the work. Encourage thechn to use and experiment with new materials. Provide a range ofmaterials e.g. oil pastels, fabric crayons, chunky charcoal, darkchalk, oil pastels etc... for chn to experiment with on paper as agrp.

Select a few grps toshow final plans and designs. Whole class to give their thoughtsof what they like and what they think could be added to make itbetter.








To create a visualstory using a range of materials



Select a few of thegrps plans from the previous lesson and discuss the differentstages they will be going through to create their work on a muchlarger scale. Recap on previous lesson and emphasise theimportance of everyone within the group knowing what they have todo.

Each grp to presenttheir work so far and explain the story so far. Discuss why theychoose the certain material? Which technique did theyprefer?





To complete a visualstory using a range of materials




Look at the work sofar and discuss the different stages they have gone through andwhat they need to do next. Ask chn to give their thoughts on thework so far of what they really like about it give any suggestionsof what they think would work well.

Each grp to presenttheir final piece of work to class and talk through thestory.