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Year: 5

Year: 5


History : Unit 19What werethe effects of Tudor exploration?





SuccessCriteria (WILF)/Activities



  How didknowledge of the world change during the Tudor period?
to compare the knowledge of the world that people had in Tudortimes with what is known today

  thecontext of the voyages of Tudor explorers

  thatexploration in the sixteenth century led to better knowledge of theworld


B: I can complete four facts on atimeline

A: I can place a number of eventson a timeline

G: I can research and complete atimeline.

All groups to produce a timelineof events.

Session 2

Why did the Tudorsexplore outside Europe?

to locate the Tudorperiod in relation to other periods of British history

reasons for Tudorexploration



B: I can use secondary sources toresearch the Tudor period.

A: I can use secondary sources toresearch the chronology of Tudor times.

G: I can use secondary sources toresearch lives

B, A and G groups to produce aTudor fact file in PowerPoint.


How did peopleexplore the world in Tudor times?

to collectinformation from a range of sources and draw conclusions about lifeat sea

  toappreciate the dangers and discomfort of voyages ofexploration

  to communicate theirknowledge and understanding in a variety of ways

B: I can talk about the life of asailor.

A: I can write a journal entryfrom a sailors POV.

G: I can write a persuasive jobadvert for Tudor sailor.

B: Produce comic strip identifyingaspects of life on ship.

A: Write a journal entry.

G: Produce a job advert.

Session 4/5/6

Why did Drakecircumnavigate the world?
about the main events in Drake's voyage around the world

  toapply their understanding of chronology

  to infer reasons whythe voyage took place




All gps to write a newspaperarticle (differentiated support on website: traineenewshoundveteran hack).

Session 5

Why did the Roanokesettlement fail?
to apply their knowledge and understanding of settlement in Englandto a new context - settlement in America

  tounderstand the difficulties that faced the settlers inRoanoke

  toexplore the causes of the failure of the colony


B: I can list a number of reasonswhy the settlement failed.

A: I can choose the reason whyRoanoke failed and give reasons why.

G: I can write from a settlersPOV and solve the history mystery.

B/A: use webquest and helpersheets to identify.

G: use evidence available tosupport theory (also use


What were the effectsof the English settlement on the people living inAmerica?
to find out about the ways of life of indigenous peoples beforecolonisation

  toconsider how the English settlers viewed the indigenouspeople

  tocompare and contrast very different perspectives of the sameevent




B: I can write from an Englishsettlers POV.

S: I can identify points for andagainst for new colonies.

C: I can plan a discussion recolonies.

Identify different POV.


What impact has Tudorexploration had on our lives today?
to recall and summarise what they have learnt about voyages ofexploration

  toselect appropriate material and to present it to show theirunderstanding of exploration in the Tudor period and its impact onlife today



Three columns Noimpact/impact/unsure (-ve and +ve impacts)





Cross CurricularLinks


Science Healthy Eating

Literacy persuasive writing,comic strips, journal entry, POV





1)   Fill inthe table below for each time period by writing YES if Europeansknew about that continent and NO if they didnt.







Middle Ages






Late Tudor times






Modern times







2)   Match thefollowing people to their reasons for exploring.


1 A merchant 2- Apriest 3- A Spanish conquistador 4- The Queen






3)   Imagineyou are a merchant living in England in Tudor times.

a)   Drawcircles around the four things in the box that you can buy inplaces like India, America or Africa and sell for high prices backin England.

b)   Drawrectangles around two things in the list that you can buy inEngland and sell to people in far away countries.


4)   Tick thethings that would have made people want to go and settle in theNew World. Put a cross next to the things that would have putpeople off.


a)   In theNew World you are free to worship God in your own way.

b)   There islots of land there, so you could have your own farm.

c)   Thejourney is dangerous.

d)   Thenative people are sometimes hostile.


5)   Writedown 2 things from this list that Tudor explorers didnt havebecause they hadnt been invented.


MOVABLE SAILS to steer theship even if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.

COMPASS to show which wayis north.

GPS satellite positioningsystem to show where you are.

QUADRANT to find positionby looking at the stars.

RADIO to keep in contactwith the shore.


a) . b).







6)   Match thetwo parts of each sentence.


In Tudor times .with heavy wind and weather on long voyages


Ships were much..Englands ships got much better.


They could now cope ...bigger and better designed.


7)   In thisscript the Captain is trying to persuade an older sailor to joinhis crew for one more voyage. Decide what he says. Put a C forCaptain, S for sailor.

.Join my ship and see theworld!

.Ill be lucky not to seethe inside of a sea monster.

.There will be plenty ofsalt beef and bacon to eat.

.Not to mention biscuitscrawling with maggots and water green with scum.

.Never mind, theresalways barrels of wine.

..But drunk sailors wontobey your orders. Then theyll be cruel punishments.

Nonsense! You know me,gentle as a lamb. Why, I hardly hanged anyone last voyage. It wasmostly just floggings.


8)   Fill inthe blanks in this statement by Drake, by using the words in thebox.


Drake wasnt just anexplorer. He wanted to capture Spanish ships carrying gold and.. across the Pacific Ocean from America home to . The Spanish thought that only they knew the way tothe .. . They would be taken completely by surprise.The Drake could raid Spanish treasure and please the Queen.



9)   Put thesesentences in date order. The first has been done for you.


A)  In 1580Francis Drake arrived home. The Spanish complained about his raids,but Queen Elizabeth was so pleased with the treasure Drake gave herthat she made him a knight and he become known as Sir FrancisDrake.

B)  FerdinandMagellan had been the first to circumnavigate the globe in ajourney from 1519 to 1522.

C)  TheGolden Hind captured many Spanish treasure ships.

D)  In thePacific, three ships were lost in storms, and one turned back. Justone ship was left; the Pelican. Drake renamed it the GoldenHind.

E)  Drakeleft England with five ships in 1577. He followed Magellans routeto the Pacific Ocean.


Order. 1)B 2)3) 4) 5)


10) Look at this list of waysfor the Roanoke settlers to stay in touch with England.


Which of these was the bestmethod of keeping in touch?


11) Put these things of thecolonists plan in the correct order.

Things todo

Arrange atemporary shelter e.g. a tent.

Arrangepermanent shelter e.g. a log cabin.

Collect agroup of people who want to emigrate.

Buy seedsto take with you to plant.



Months before youleave:

Before first night falls on

the first day youarrive:

Before the firstwinter:

12) The Roanoke settlementfailed because of many reasons. Fill in the blanks below usingwords from the box.

The .settlement wasEnglands first attempt to found a

.. in . One reason it failed was because it was under.from the . .

The most important failed was that the settlers and natives did notwith each other.


13) Tudor discoveries madeenormous changes to the way of life back home. Decide which ofthese changes were good and which were bad. G for good, B forbad.


A - Shipbuilding got muchbetter.

B There was much morerespect for science because people had seen what it coulddo.

C Tobacco was introducedto Europe.

D Many people went to abetter life in America.

E New foods were bought toEurope such as maize and potato.

F European diseases killedmany Native Americans.

G Slavery, which hadalmost disappeared from Europe, came back.