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UnitStriking and Fielding
DescriptionSeries of 6 lessons to teach Cricket skills
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Medium Term Plan


MainLearning Objectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos


Warm Up MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes



To pick up the ballwith one hand and to throw to a simple target from a pre-determineddistance accurately.





All children have atennis ball running around area, on command they put ball on thefloor and run around, when the whistle blows children to run andpick ball up with one hand. Repeat as necessary.


Practice running andbouncing ball on ground and changing direction

Pass andMove

Organise into teamsof 5 or more. Get children to stand opposite each other, 2 on oneside and 3 on the other as below.


Ball Thrown

Side with 3 membersof the team starts with the ball.

  Oncommand, they are to throw ball to their team member opposite thensprint to join back of the line. Team member catches it and thenchildren continue in this way.


  Howmany catches can you make in a minute? 2 minutes? How manycontinuously?


Organise stumpsagainst wall separate from each other and encourage children tothrow underarm or overarm to try and hit the stumps directly.(Again in teams of five).







Each child to take aball from tub and encourage to throw in air and then catch. Throwit a little higher and catch again.

Keep getting higheruntil you drop it and then start again.


Encourage children toonly throw underarm up into the air.


be able to throw theball in the air and catch it repeatedly.


Childrenshould be able to pick theball up from the floor while on the move but slowing down.



be able to throw overarm and hit a target.

Main LearningObjectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos


Warm Up MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes



To bowl the ballunderarm accurately to a batter.


To hit a moving ballto a pre determined target.


Roll andChase

Children to be pairedup and work alongside each other. Standing on a pre determined spotChild A is to roll the ball along the ground. Child B is to run andcatch the ball picking it up on the run and throwing it back totheir partner accurately. Repeat as necessary.


Small GroupCatching

Organise childreninto groups of four, five or six.


Children stand in asquare or rectangle and pass the ball around throwing and catchingaccurately.


How many catches canyour team make in a row? How many in a minute? Can you beat yourscore?

Bowl, Field,Bat










Ch A = batter

Ch B = bowler

Ch C/D/E =Fielder

(See diagramabove)


B bowls (underarm oroverarm) to A who attempts to play the ball softly to each fielderwho throws the ball back to the Bowler (B). Repeat 5 times and thenrotate children. Each child to have five turns each in eachposition.


Emphasise importanceof high elbow and firm grip on bat. (Teacher demonstration) Alsoshow starting position and ending position.






Bowling and BattingPractice


Set up wickets alonga wall with lines marked of where to bowl from.


Children who arebowlers are to bowl in their preferred way to the batter who is tobat the ball back in their direction using high elbow, goodstarting position etc.


Try to change overbatters frequently.

Childrenmust be able to bowl aball to a target accurately using an underarm throw.


Childrenshould be able to field aball confidently when it comes their way.


Childrencould be able to strike amoving ball confidently and accurately to a target.

Main LearningObjectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos


Warm Up MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes


Be able to throw and catch a ballrepeatedly in a number of ways.






Batand Ball Relay

Children to familiarise themselveswith weight of bat. Form into relays, children to run with theirbat to a pre determined point where they will pick up a ball andtry to balance it on their bat till they get back. A hoop willcontain a number of balls for each team to bring back. (Teams of 4would be best and keep children moving) When waiting for their turnchildren are to throw and catch a ball.


Red = batter

Green = roller

Blue = bowler

Pink = fielder


-- -- -- = path of ball

-> = where fielder runs tocollect ball



Children to forma square and to have one ball (in the first instance) per 4.


Practice throwingand catching, ball does not have to go around the square but can bepassed in any direction through the square.

Ch to call nameof person they are passing to.


Repeat but with:-



-throwing ballhigh and catching above head height


Roll andBowl

Still in groupsof 4, one ch is nominated as the feeder; one is the batter and twoas the fielders.

The feeder rollsthe ball for the fielders to pick up and throw to the bowler whothen bowls it to batter, who defends the ball. Repeat x 5. Eachchild in each position.










Children to form a large circleand are to pass tennis ball around circle without dropping it. Balldoes not simply go round the circle, ch to pass across the circle.Once child has caught they sit down until everyone has caught theball.

Children mustbe ableto throw the ball to another person accurately


Children shouldbe ableto pick up a rolling ball with two hands.


Children couldbe ableto bowl a ball overarm accurately to a target.

Main LearningObjectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos

Possible Activities


WarmUp MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes


Be able to bowl overarm a ball toa target on several occasions.


Partner BouncyBall

Children to workin pairs or 3 if odd number.


Ch A is to throwball in the air and Ch B is to catch the ball after it hasbounced. Ch to concentrate on watching the ball into theirhands.


Repeat asnecessary with possibility of throwing ball to bounce on numerousoccasions.


Square Throw andCatch

Join with anotherpair to make a group.


Stand in a squarethrowing and catching the ball in a variety of ways across andaround the square.


3 of the groupstand behind each other and the other stands to the side rollingthe ball for the other children to run and catch, who then throw itback to the roller.

Bowl ofHoop






1 A B 2


Each four markout a bowling strip using two skipping ropes and two hula hoops (Aand B)


Demonstration ofgood bowling technique, not running up as yet!!! Ball comesstraight over my head, bicep on ear.


Each pair bowloverarm from end 1 or 2. Trying to land the ball in hoop B from end1 or Hoop A from end 2. (Allow 10 minutes practice).


Have a sparewicket set up and invite children to come and demonstrate theirtechnique to you.






Canyou hit it, yes you can!



Have 5 wickets set up at one endof the playground. Each child is to take turns to run and bowl at awicket from a distance of approx 15m.


Emphasise it is about hitting thewicket not bowling it as fast as they can.


Look for straight arm action andreleasing the ball at the correct point.

Children mustbe ableto bowl the ball overarm.


Children shouldbe ableto bowl overarm keeping their arm straight.


Children couldbe ableto bowl overarm accurately to a target by releasing the ball at thecorrect time and keeping their arm straight.














Main LearningObjectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos



WarmUp MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes


To work in a group to design astriking and fielding game for others to play.



Children to be inpairs.


To have one ballbetween them passing and catching it to each other in various ways,high, roll, bounce pass, overarm, underarm etc.


If children dropthe ball they lose the use of a limb. I.e. they have to stand onone leg and catch or they can only catch with one arm untileventually they are simply lay down on the ground.

Think of agame

Show children aset of equipment. Children to come up with a striking and fieldinggame using this equipment. Have pen and paper for children to writetheir ideas on and instruct children that they must think of thefollowing: -


-organisation ofchildren

-rules of thegame

-how to score agoal or points etc

-what equipmentyou will use

-who willumpire/referee?

- how manyteams?

-how will thegame unfold?


Children have 20minutes to select equipment and write up their game ready for nextweek when they will demonstrate it to the other groups.


Instruct childrenthat they can only use the equipment provided today.


Rest of the timewill be spent having a quick game of Kwik Cricket with teamscompeting against each other.


Collectall equipment in and organise children into large circle ready toreceive and throw tennis balls across the circle in differentdirections.


Drop theball = lose a life. Only 2 lives each.

Once outline up.

Children mustbe ableto take on a role within their allocated group.


Children shouldbe ableto design a simple striking and fielding game incorporating morethan 1 action.


Children couldbe ableto design a striking and fielding game and incorporate many actionsand roles into their game.











Main LearningObjectives

Children shouldlearn:

NC Pos



WarmUp MainActivity Cool Down

Main LearningOutcomes


To partake in other activitieswhen led by their peers.


Most ofthis lesson will be spent taking part in the games designed by thechildren during the lesson 5. This will culminate in a cool down ofthe children playing bowl and roll as in previous lessons.







Risk Assessment:

*identify areasto stay clear prior to lesson beginning *check children for lacestied, jewellery removed, wearing correct footwear and clothing*check balls prior to lesson *ensure children move to hall in asensible manner *playground and hall checked for hazards *knowemergency and accident procedures *brief other adult helpers priorto lesson beginning.


This will takeplace when needed and will be identified by the teacher deliveringthe lesson. More able children will be identified and given tasksthat will push their ability further.

Resources Needed:

Kwik CricketSets, Domes, Hula Hoops, Tennis Balls, skipping ropes, playground,plus any equipment children wish to use during lesson 5 and6

Cross Curricular Links:-

PSHE working withothers

Science What happens to our bodyduring exercise?